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Persuasion. Types of Appeals. Logos - logical Pathos - emotional Ethos - ethical. Inductive Reasoning. Inductive – specific to general: teen drivers accident rate, teens making rash decisions –teen driving age should be raised

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types of appeals
Types of Appeals
  • Logos - logical
  • Pathos - emotional
  • Ethos - ethical
inductive reasoning
Inductive Reasoning
  • Inductive – specific to general: teen drivers accident rate, teens making rash decisions –teen driving age should be raised
  • When quoting someone, don’t change the context or meaning of the quote.
  • Be fair when presenting statistics.
  • Don’t ignore solid and relevant evidence that contradicts your argument.
  • Present evidence from reliable sources.
  • Discern opinion from fact.
deductive reasoning
Deductive Reasoning
  • Deductive – general to specific: teens can’t vote or sign binding contracts, they can’t see R-rated movies, they can’t stay out past curfew, they can’t buy alcohol or cigarettes. These restrictions exist for good reasons, to allow teens time to mature before handling adult responsibilities. Therefore, raising the driving age for teenagers simply reaffirms our customary thinking regarding teen behavior.
  • Major Premise: state a broad idea
  • Minor Premise: Offer a specific case of the broad idea
  • Conclusion: If both premises are true, conclusion is valid.
  • Valid syllogism:
    • Medical doctors earn high salaries.
    • Ms. T is a medical doctor.
    • Ms. T earns a high salary.
  • Major premise: Teens are not awarded full adult privileges in our society because they need time to mature.
  • Minor premise: Sixteen-year olds are teens.
  • Conclusion: Sixteen year olds should not be awarded full driving privileges.
advantages of syllogisms
Advantages of Syllogisms
  • Syllogisms encourage precision of language.
  • Syllogisms help prevent false leaps in logic.
  • Syllogisms help point out false and unreasonable assumptions.
  • Introduction – Engaging opening
  • Thesis – Your purpose in writing the essay
  • Body –
    • Opposing positions and your response to them
    • Your evidence, facts, statistics, examples, stories
  • Conclusion –
    • Thesis (worded differently)
    • Vision of the future