technical overview of microsoft office sharepoint server 2007 n.
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Technical Overview of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Technical Overview of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

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Technical Overview of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical Overview of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007
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  1. Technical Overview of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Mike Warren Premier Field Engineer, SharePoint

  2. What Will We Cover? • Everything …. • Quickly (Hope you’ve had coffee!) 

  3. Convergence Content Management Server 2002 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Windows SharePoint Services “v2” SharePoint Portal Server 2001 SharePoint Team Services “v1” Windows SharePoint Services v3 Office SharePoint Server 2007

  4. MOSS 2007 Feature Areas Business Intelligence Collaboration BusinessForms PlatformServices Portal Content Management Search

  5. General DM Improvements • Item level security for lists and libraries • Recycle bin • 2 phase • User-base restore within a time period • Admin restore within second time period • Major.minor versioning & publishing

  6. Content Types • A way of controlling: • File Template • Workflow • Columns • Policies • Conversion Types • Information Panel in Office

  7. Columns • 2 types of column • Library-specific columns like SPS 2003 • Site Columns • Create at root and apply to multiple libraries • Change the site column and all libraries get updated automatically • Can be used as part of Content Type • New data types • Business Data • Connect columns to BDC data • Audience • Target content to audiences directly

  8. Offline Options • 2 ways to take MOSS data offline: • Check-out offline • With Office 2007 installed, documents automatically go into ‘SharePoint drafts’ • Part of My Documents in Windows • Can then be taken offline using Windows Offline Folders • Outlook 2007 • Read-only sync of document libraries and most lists in Outlook • Integration with ‘Check-out Offline’ to allow offline editing • Read/Write capabilities for outlook style items (tasks, events, contacts)

  9. New List Types

  10. Blogs & Wikis • Wiki Lists: • Community-based knowledge bases • A quick and easy way to capture knowledge and link it to other articles • Blog Sites: • Online journal (WeB LOG)

  11. Alerts & RSS • RSS • All lists & libraries are available as RSS feeds • Outlook 2007 has built-in RSS aggregation • Alerts • Combined alerts engine across sites and portal • Control over when to send alerts

  12. Mobile Views Everything available as mobile views

  13. demonstration Demo • Whistle-stop tour of Collaboration features • Content Types, Check-in / out, Offline, Recycle Bin, Item Level Security, Slide Library, Project Tasks, Connect to Outlook, Mobile Views

  14. My Site & Profiles • My Site has several new webparts: • Your Sites, Documents etc • Relationship to you • Colleague Tracker • User Profile Database • People are specially highlighted in search results • Lookup properties • Business Data Catalogue properties

  15. Page V ariations • Used to provide different versions of pages for different needs: • Languages & different regional styles • Different browsers & devices • Branding • Accessibility • Automatically route users to page ‘variations’ • Pick up from browser or on-page control • Auto update of changes from source page to all variations • Put in draft state for the variation admin to approve or reject

  16. Search & Indexing • Combined engine between MOSS & WSS • Three syntax options: • Standard keyword • MSN-style advanced syntax ... Author:Martin Kearn • TSQL style queries SELECT x WHERE x CONTAINS x • Much broader UI control • Search Centre site type • Different tabs can be implemented which offer different search options and scopes • People tab added by default • Search Business Data Catalogue • Allows user to search across business data systems in addition to SharePoint and other document repositories

  17. Record M anagement • Dedicated Record Centre site type which includes: • Record routing based on content type & metadata • Records get routed to different record libraries • Record policies, including: • Retention and expiration rules • Auditing • Bar-coding & Labelling • Record holds • Users submit records via a simple ‘send to’ command • Very minimal end user interaction • Web service based which enables cross farm/system submission

  18. Master Pages • Quickly change style and layout of pages • Using SharePoint Designer • Have all pages ‘inherit’ new styles + =

  19. Web Content Management • Full CMS 2002 capabilities: • Add pages and author via rich browser-based controls • Spell checker • Image picker • HTML editing • Document to Page Conversion • Approval workflow • Schedule publication & removal • Managed linking & navigation

  20. Workflow • MOSS builds on Windows Workflow Foundation • Workflow platform provided as part of .net framework • Several OOB document-based workflows • Approval, Feedback, Signatures, Disposition • Can design your own workflows • SharePoint Designer 2007 for GUI drag & drop design • Visual 2005 for highly custom workflows

  21. demonstration Demo • Portal & My Site • Search • User Profiles • Web Content Management • Workflow

  22. Forms Services • InfoPath forms via the browser • No requirement for InfoPath client locally • InfoPath client only required to design forms • Data connection libraries • All designer to use pre-defined data connections • Plugs directly into workflow • Forms used as front-ends for workflow apps • Forms used in standard workflows

  23. Report Centre • Report Centre site type • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) lists • Red, green, amber traffic lights • Can examine multiple data sources: • SharePoint Lists • Excel Spreadsheets • SQL databases • Manually entered data • OOB webparts to build report dashboards

  24. Excel Services • Excel Spreadsheet on the server • Rendered via Excel Web Access webparts • Full fidelity with Excel • Addresses the distribution issue

  25. Business Data C atalogue • Display Business data in MOSS • Webparts • Search • List/Library columns • User profile properties • Any or Web Service based system

  26. demonstration Demo • Applications & BI • Forms Services • Excel Services • BDC

  27. Resources • Planning & Deployment Documentation • • Beta 2 Tech Refresh Installation Guide: • • My Blog: A Marvellous Point •

  28. For More Information Visit TechNet Visit the following site for additional information:

  29. Readiness with Skills Assessment • Self-study learning tool free to anyone • Determines skills gaps • Provides learning plans • Post your score—see how you stack up Visit:

  30. Become a Microsoft Certified Professional • What are MCP certifications? Validation in performing critical IT functions • Why certify? Wide recognition of skills gained through experience More effective deployments with reduced costs • What certifications are there for IT pros? MCP, MCSE, MCSA, MCDST, MCDBA

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