WLA – Emissions database
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WLA – Emissions database. Insert the title of your presentation here. Presented by Name Here Job Title - Date. Presented by J Barrett WLA AQCG, 22 March 2010. 1. Background. 2. Modelling overview. 4. 5. Recent projects. Future Development. 3. Examples of software functionality.

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WLA – Emissions database

Insert the title of your presentation here

Presented by Name HereJob Title - Date

Presented by J Barrett

WLA AQCG, 22 March 2010





Modelling overview



Recent projects

Future Development


Examples of software functionality


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1. Background

Presented by Name HereJob Title - Date

West london alliance wla emissions database
West London Alliance (WLA) - Emissions database?

A tool for estimating the impacts of transport policies and measures on emissions at different spatial scales across West london.

Characteristics of a fully-functioning WLA EDB:

  • Contains geo-referenced data (GIS), with spatially resolved emission estimates (e.g. 1 km x 1 km grid).

  • Uses bottom-up calculations.

  • Is applicable to various regional scales (e.g. West London, borough, town etc.).

  • Is flexible and adaptable to the needs of different users.

  • Uses ‘new’ technologies to provide actual activity data rather than statistics (ideally involves some degree of automatic data collection).

Potential applications
Potential applications

  • Prediction of air quality: ‘nowcasts’, ‘forecasts.

  • Research (e.g. source apportionment studies).

  • Impact assessment (EIA, SEA, HIA).

  • Policy assessment.

  • Input data to noise models.

  • Air quality management.

  • Transport planning:

    • Environmental zones.

    • Vehicle-specific restrictions.

    • Modal shift.

    • Route changes.

    • Changes in driver behaviour.

    • Road pricing, tolls.

  • Land use planning.

  • Carbon footprinting.

  • Analysis of trends.

  • Verification & improvement of top-down calculations.

  • Indicators.

  • Support to national inventories.

  • New data sources

    • The prototype has been created to allow easy incorporation and use of new types of input data.

    • The model could be linked to other models, or to on-line or real-time traffic data.

    • Potential sources:

      • Freight /haulage companies.

      • Traffic models & censuses.

      • Environment zone toll systems (e.g. London,Stockholm).

      • Automatic vehicle count and classification (e.g. MIDAS, UK).

      • UTMC (e.g. SCOOT).

      • On-board equipment, such as GPS, telematics/ITS (C2C, C2I, EVI).

      • Video cameras and ANPR.

      • Remote sensing and satellite imagery.

    • Web-based tools.

    • Insurance companies.

    • Specific projects/models (e.g. ISHTAR, MESSAGE, TREMOVE, DGENV Fleets).



    • Road transport (using the WLATransport and Enhanced Emissions Model – TEEM).

    • Rail transport (TRL’s rail model).


    • NOx, PM10 and CO2 (+ others)

      Time frame

    • At present 2007, but would be able to handle historic data and projections.

      Geographical extent

    • West London, which can be used for high-resolution local traffic studies. LAEI (GLA 2009) modelled road network as the minmum the baseline.

    West london road network approximately 22 000 links


    West London road network (approximately 22,000 links)




    Functionality scenario testing examples
    Functionality: scenario testing examples*

    *Currently by direct modification of emission functions and activity data (no ‘scenario’ module, but some functionality in user interface of road program).

    Scenario 6 (dedicated bus lanes)

    • Bus timetables

    • Roadside surveys

    Scenario 6 (dedicated bus lanes) for other road users.

    • Roads included: Crofton Lane, Towncourt Lane

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    4. Recent projects

    Presented by Name HereJob Title - Date

    Applications for other road users.

    • Completed

      • Application of the Transport and Enhanced Emissions Model (TEEM) in West London and Harrow

        • Description: Study to compare TEEM outputs with those of the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory road activity dataset. The study examined emissions at the West London scale and in more detail for London Borough of Harrow.

        • Client: Harrow on behalf of the WLA AQCG

        • Consultants: TRL

      • The Transport and Enhanced Emissions Model (TEEM) - modelling transport measures

        • Description: Six scenarios suggested by the AQCG were developed further by TRL. These included a ‘Wembley to Park Royal ‘Fastbus’ scheme. The outcome in each case considered the impact of each scenario in terms of nitrogen oxides (NOX), particulate matter (PM) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

        • Client: Hounslow on behalf of the WLA AQCG

        • Consultants: TRL

    Applications for other road users.

    • Completed –

      • Leicester revision of the air quality action plan

      • Description: A study to re-consider those measures included in the existing air quality action plan and to re-evaluate alternatives including a city centre environment zone and freight expressway. TEEM was applied for the emissions modelling.

      • Client: Leicester City Council

      • Consultants: TRL

    • Geographical specific emission inventories across Europe

      • Description: A study to pilot a methodology for standardising emission estimates across the EU based on geographically specific data sources.

      • The road transport component was estimated using a version of TEEM applied to a road corridor between London and Paris.

      • Client: European Environment Agency

      • Consultants - TRL

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    5. Future development

    Presented by Name HereJob Title - Date

    Insert the title of your for other road users.presentation here


    Presented by Name HereJob Title - Date

    Summary for other road users.

    • TEEM enables operators to estimate the environmental impacts of specific scenarios for example, changes in modal shift, emissions gains traffic flow changes – LOCALLY

    • TEEM = Lots of capacity - no limit to the size of network TEEM can process. The GIS output assists visualisation.

    • Outputs in easy read format

      • TEEM = flexibility of the tool distinct advantage over most other models

      • use on micro scale and macro scale

      • Can accept variety of data from different sources

      • User-friendly interface

      • Fast processing speed

      • Bespoke a tool for local needs with opportunities to extend the functionality to include air transport, freight emissions and GHG for the future

    Contact details
    Contact Details for other road users.

    • WLAQCG contacts:

      • Rob Gibson (Chair) – LB Hounslow

      • Val Beale (Secretary) – LB Hillingdon

      • Paul Hargreaves – LB Harrow

      • Paul Baker – LB Hammersmith & Fulham

      • Richard Ward – LB Ealing

      • John Coates – LB Richmond-upon-Thames

      • Jennifer Barrett – LB Brent: Tel - 020 8937 5284

    • Transport Research Labs (TRL) contact: Kevin Turpin: Tel - 01344 770336

    • For details of other projects undertaken by the WLAQCG visit our website - www.westlondonairquality.org.uk