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Night at the Oscars

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Night at the Oscars
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Night at the Oscars

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  1. Night at the Oscars The Oscars, awarded annually by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Showcase the best in movies, honoring films released in the previous year. This year’s nominee is the Titanic. Presented By: CierraGuasti Project 14: Nominate a movie for an Academy Award June 6th, 2011

  2. The Titanic Table of Contents Meet the Cast Meet My Favorite Actor Meet My Favorite Actor Continued Titanic Movie review Titanic Movie review Continued A “Must see” Movie Also In The Running…. THE END

  3. Meet The Cast Of The Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson Kate Winslet Rose DeWitt Bukater Billy Zane Cal Hocley Kathy Bates Molly Brown Frances Fisher Ruth Dewitt Bukater Click Here to Return to the Table of Contents

  4. Titanic Movie Trailer

  5. Meet My Favorite Actor Kate Winslet was born on October 5, 1975 in Berkshire, England(UK). Kate is 36 years old. Her Parents Roger Winslet and Sally Bridges-Winslet were both stage actors. Kate’s career highlight was in 1997 when she was filming the Titanic.

  6. Meet My Favorite ActorContinued…. An interesting fact about Kate is that she Missed the premiere of Titanic (1997) because she was attending the funeral of close friend and former boyfriend, Stephen Tredre.

  7. The Titanic Review What the movie is about/the Plot: This movie was about a girl named Rose (Kate Winslet) who has to marry a man named Cal (Billy Zane) just so she could keep living her wealthy lifestyle. Rose fell in love with a boy named is Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). Ruth (Frances Fisher) her mother didn’t want to have to give up living her wealthy lifestyle so she tells Rose that she can never see Jack again.

  8. The Titanic Review Continued... There were many places the Titanic was filmed but, here are some of those locations Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Titanic wreck, Atlantic Ocean, USA ,Vancouver, Canada. One of the most dramatic scenes from the movie is the one on the front of the boat with Jack and Rose.

  9. A “Must See” Movie The Titanic is a Thrilling, Exciting, and a Emotional Ride. This Movie should get the Academy Award hands down because it was the best movie I ever saw and the most interesting one yet.

  10. Also in the Running… Below are five other movies that should also be considered for an Academy Award

  11. The End Thank you for watching my Slide show on why The Titanic should WIN the Academy Award!