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  1. Welcome! • EPA’s Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) is accessed through EPA’s Intranet, and provides a convenient way to check the fiscal status of a DCN. • At the current time, EPA’s Financial Data Warehouse is undergoing a transition to a new name: Administrative Data Warehouse. Accordingly, these two names may be used interchangeably here and in other materials: • Financial Data Warehouse • Administrative Data Warehouse

  2. The Financial Data Warehouse may be accessed through the link in the “Financial” category of the EPA’s Intranet Homepage, or the URL may be typed directly into the web browser. http://intranet.epa.gov/fdw

  3. Using the Financial Data Warehouse • The link displayed on the previous page will bring you to the Financial Data Warehouse homepage (pictured below) http://intranet.epa.gov/fdw/

  4. Enter the full 10 characters of your DCN (as they appear on the RQL screen print-out) into the text field shown below and click “Submit”. • If you do not know the full DCN please refer to the FDW tutorial for an alternative method to check your DCN’s status.

  5. Document Summary Section • After following the instructions on the previous slide you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below. • Document Summary – Provides information regarding the DCN and its fiscal status • Document Details – Line-item description of the $$ in the DCN

  6. Document Activity Section • Scrolling further down this page you will find the “Document Activity” section (pictured below). This section details the invoice activity of this DCN.

  7. Possible Error Message • After entering your DCN, if you are presented with this screen then you have entered an invalid DCN. • Please check your DCN and ensure that you have entered it correctly. Otherwise, contact the appropriate personnel to certify that this DCN is indeed active

  8. Conclusion • This concludes the FDW tutorial. The objective of this tutorial is to introduce the steps to check the fiscal status of a DCN. • If you have any questions regarding this tutorial please contact Eric Powell, powell.eric@epa.gov. For all other questions please contact the appropriate FDW personnel.