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Summer? Summer .

Summer? Summer . Campus Visits. When: Anytime in Summer, Last 2 weeks of August or 1 st wk in September Ideal, School holidays, 3 excused absences allowed by Friends for fall college visits What: Tours and/or Information Sessions Always Register Your Visit with the Admissions Office!.

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Summer? Summer .

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  1. Summer? Summer.

  2. Campus Visits When: Anytime in Summer, Last 2 weeks of August or 1stwk in September Ideal, School holidays, 3 excused absences allowed by Friends for fall college visits What: Tours and/or Information Sessions Always Register Your Visit with the Admissions Office!

  3. Schools Visiting Friends Remember: Colleges and universities also visit the NYC area in general and FS in specific List of Visits posted on CC website Opportunity to make personal contact w/representative focused on Friends

  4. To Interview or Not to Interview …in summer? Ifyour student has done his/her homework, summer interview slots are usually easier to schedule than in the Fall. Other options (schedule EARLY) 2nd school visit to interview OR Alumni Interview in NYC in Fall (ask if an option)

  5. What to Remember about Interviews • 3 Key Messages • Know Basics about the School • Dress Appropriately • Be on time • Thank you notes • Strong Recommended = Required • Optional means Optional, but we recommend • Mock Interview Practice w/AR or me

  6. Homework over the summer?Oh yes. Student: Essay Draft Common Application Prompts Short(er) List of Schools Supplement Awareness Parent: NetPrice Calculator Deadline Awareness

  7. Parent Role in this Process?

  8. Important Concepts to Remember Balanced College List for Your Student High Probability of Admission/ Less Selective – 3/4 schools Probable admission/Selective – 3/4 schools Low Probability of Admission/Highly Selective – 3/4 schools

  9. Concept of the Match Fields of Study School Culture – Greek life, Sports, Campus Community Location – Rural, Suburban, Urban Size of Student Population – small, medium, large Faculty Access (NOT student/faculty ratio) Extracurricular Activities Specialty program or aspects, i.e. honor code, study abroad, interdisciplinary studies, diversity

  10. (gentle suggestions from us) Support, guide and encourage your children along the way as your student researches, visits, applies to, and enrolls in college Help your student set reasonable expectations Help your student manage his/her deadlines Help your student ask for help if s/he needs it Help set up for your student for success …and please…don’t talk about it ALL the time...

  11. ED or EA Chart? Early Decision (ED) – I or II Early Action (EA) Early notification May or may not be able to apply to other programs No commitment until May Often much more selective Stress relief of knowing an option exists Derailed if denied Analogy: Dating to compare options before commitment Quarter Grades Only Binding Financial Aid Missing the opportunity to compare $$ aid packages from other schools Stress relief if over earlier Derailed if denied so early Analogy: Marriage

  12. Early or Not? What does each school on your list offer? What %of the entering class is enrolled through early? What are the possible responses? i.e., admit and defer or admit, defer and deny? Will a deny derail your student? What impact, if any, will applying early have on your financial aid award? Would your application benefit from a full semester (vs. quarter) of senior grades?

  13. The Top 10 Things that Parents Should Remember About the College Search Process by Middlebury College It is good that students and parents approach this process jointly, but we all know that at its best, the process itself can prepare students for the independence that they will experience in college. The following list contains some possible symptoms of parental over-involvement. 10. Remember that this process is not about you. No matter how similar your children may be to you, they need to make their own decisions and observations. 9. Support and encouragement are more appropriate than pressure and unsolicited advice. Allow your children to seek you out & restrain yourself from imposing your viewpoint upon them. 8. Do not use the words "we" or "our" when referring to your children's application process. Those little pronouns are surefire indicators that you have become too involved. 7. Help them prepare but let them perform. Encourage them to sleep well and put thought into a college visit, but once on campus, step back and let them drive the experience. This is good practice for the next phase of their lives-adulthood. 6. Encourage your children to make their own college appointments, phone calls, and e-mails. When a family arrives at an admissions office, it's important that the student approach the front desk, not the parents. We notice! Having control over those details gives them a sense of ownership. Don't be tempted by the excuse that 'I’m just saving them time" or "they are too busy"-students will learn to appreciate all the steps it takes to make big things happen if they do them. 5. Allow your children to ask the questions. They have their own set of issues that are important to them. 4. Prepare your children for disappointment. For many students this is the first time they could face bad news. Remind them there is no perfect school and that admissions decisions do not reflect on their worth as people or your worth as parents. 3. Never complete any portion of the college application-yes, even if it is just busy work. That also goes for friends, siblings, counselors, and secretaries. For many colleges, that overstep would be viewed as a violation of the honor policy at the school. 2. Do not let stereotypes or outdated information steer your children away from schools in which they would otherwise have an interest. Times have changed and so have colleges. And the #1 Thing for Parents to Remember about the College Search Process is: 1. Never, ever, during a college visit buy a sweatshirt or t-shirt from the bookstore in your size-it's a dead giveaway!

  14. Dates to Remember 1st Day of School: September 9, 2013 Columbus Day: October 14-15, 2013 Fall Case Studies: September 12, 2013 Senior College Night: September 25, 2013

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