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Stephanie Chumpitaz Life in a digital age

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Stephanie Chumpitaz Life in a digital age. Myself.

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My name is Stephanie Jean Chumpitaz and I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I have ancestors from Peru, Russia, and Hungary. I am currently attending City-As School and anticipating my graduation, possibly for June. It has been difficult to plan out what I want to do in life but it’s always risky to take your first step into anything. Life is about trials and tribulations, and I’ve taken risks since the day I was born. I am ready to take a step into my adult life.

my short term
My Short Term

For now, my dream school is Kingsborough Community College. This wasn’t one of my original choices but I want to attend college as soon as possible. Since I did not take my SATs yet, I had to choose a 2 year program. I have a passion for food. I love to nourish and enrich people with the joy of good food.

why kingsborough
Why Kingsborough?

I chose Kingsborough because ever since I was young I loved cooking. There were so many colors and a lot of motion that caught my attention. I always found cooking therapeutic and relaxing whenever I became stressed, but I always loved to see the happiness on my taste testers. Everyone typically loves my creations. I feel that Kingsborough can certainly improve my skills. After I graduate and receive my diploma I hope to get a job at a high scale restaurant. Becoming a chef may also give me an income of $34,000 per year.

long term
Long Term…

Well, though Kingsborough seems great and can help me start a career, I don’t think only culinary will meet my full potential. I would like to do more than feed this planet. I would like to help women. I feel women are extremely important, not only for reproduction but for the good of the world. I am interested in pursuinga career in the Obstetric/ Gynecology field. As my culinary passion, I have always been passionate about fetal development and the ways the human body reproduces. Becoming an OB/GYN can also give me a higher salary of at least $150,000 per year. I also want to remain in NYC.

helpful hints
Helpful Hints…

Well, lets be honest… life is tough. We make mistakes, we get over them. We reach high points in life and low. I know it’s tough to not allow people to get to you but try your hardest to ignore the ignorance of society. Always look forward and try your hardest not to look back. Don’t stay too focused on the rest of the world and focus on yourself. There may be many roads you can take in life but always go for the road with more pros than cons. Balance is key as well. Live with a lot of laughter and love and enjoy every moment of it.