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SSG Graph. NAIC Classic NAIC recommended to teach you, step-by-step, the NAIC way. Stock Selection Guide - Graph. What is the SSG Graph? A visual report of past growth useful for projecting future growth. Stock Selection Guide - Graph. Why do we use it?

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ssg graph

SSG Graph

NAIC Classic

NAIC recommended to teach you, step-by-step, the NAIC way

stock selection guide graph
Stock Selection Guide - Graph
  • What is the SSG Graph?
    • A visual report of past growth useful for projecting future growth
stock selection guide graph3
Stock Selection Guide - Graph
  • Why do we use it?
    • To judge management quality by assessing growth
    • Past growth is an indicator of future growth potential
why growth
Why Growth?
  • Sales and earnings growth increases company value
    • Growth drives share price higher
    • Over 5 years, a company with 15% growth has the potential to double your investment
stock selection guide graph5
Plots historical results for sales and earnings

Red trend line measures past growth

Red projection line estimates future growth

User judgment is critical

Stock Selection Guide - Graph
ssg graph sales trend
Sales = $ made from sales of products or services

Click & drag ends of red trend line to measure slope of data

Note % growth rate at bottom of graph

SSG Graph - Sales Trend
ssg graph sales projection
Research company before judgment

Click & drag projection line to draw growth slope

Click on yellow cell to alter % growth rate

SSG Graph - Sales Projection
ssg graph earnings per share
EPS = $ left after paying expenses & taxes

Measure past growth

Do research before estimating future growth

Click red circle for Stock Wiz commentary

SSG Graph - Earnings per Share
ssg graph price
Vertical blue bars = yearly high-low price ranges

Prompt window shows % growth

Over long term - Sales & EPS growth cause price growth

SSG Graph - Price
ssg graph recent q results
Circles after last FY are recent Q results

Do circles meet your growth projections?

Right-click to call Recent Q Figures

compares with last year’s same quarter

SSG Graph - Recent Q Results
ssg graph steps summary
SSG Graph - Steps Summary
  • Beginner is prompted through the steps
    • Plot sales trend and growth projection
    • Plot EPS trend and projection
    • Review price growth
    • Review recent quarterly results
ssg graph why use it
SSG Graph - Why Use it?
  • Evaluate management quality
    • Are sales and EPS lines consistently straight?
    • What are past growth rates for sales and EPS?
  • Project future growth potential
    • (based on your knowledge & understanding of the company)
getting started
Getting Started
  • Choose your study report
  • Choose your data source
  • Start
ssg operation prompt window
SSG Operation - Prompt Window
  • Tells you what to do, each step of the way
  • Provides logical process & focuses on important points
  • Need more information? Click the Help link
ssg operation
SSG Operation
  • Use Help features for in-depth assistance
    • Right-click for What’s This? and More Help
    • Help links
    • F1 key
    • Glossary
    • Stock Wiz
help features
Right-click a cell to call What’s This? explanation

Click More Help for details

Every data window has a Help button

Help Features
help feature stock wiz
Help Feature - Stock Wiz
  • Information needing attention is circled in red
  • Point & right-click mouse to call Stock Wiz
  • Stock Wiz provides helpful commentary
help features18

Overview of the purpose and functions of NAIC Classic


Available at any time from menu line Help

Help Features
internet features
Direct access to company, research, club and favorite web sites

Update prices from Internet for company or entire database

Click on SSG, SDF or CSV files to load immediately into Classic

Internet Features
internet features20
Direct link to STB Investor Software web site

help as needed by phone, fax, or e-mail

more tips and techniques for getting the most from Classic

slideshow presentations

register your software

Internet Features
ssg graph experienced level
Prompt window icons

Help features are still available

Extras include:

Plot of pre-tax income

Preferred Procedure

Price zone indicator

SSG Graph - Experienced Level
created by stb investor software inc

Created by STB Investor Software Inc.

NAIC Classic

NAIC recommended to teach you, step-by-step, the NAIC way