how to complete an academic plan
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How To Complete an Academic Plan

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How To Complete an Academic Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Complete an Academic Plan. This PowerPoint presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete your academic plan.

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how to complete an academic plan

How To Complete an Academic Plan

This PowerPoint presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete your academic plan.

Academic plans for Mechanical (ME), Industrial (IE), Manufacturing (MfgE), and Energy System Engineering (ESE) students are located on the School of MIME Undergraduate Programs website.

2 year academic plans
2 Year Academic Plans

An Academic Plan is your personal two-year course schedule designed to help you think in advance about when you will take courses. It includes information about:

Courses required for degree completion

Prerequisites of each course

Number of credits of each course

Courses completed “check box”

Terms courses are offered

Courses being taken later “check box”

A total credit load for each term

Academic Plan

2 year academic plans continued
2-Year Academic Plans Continued

Why We Use Them

When to Submit a Plan

Whenever you make significant changes to your plan.

When meeting with your advisor.

Bring your academic plan with you to your advising appointments.

Reminder: You must have an updated academic plan in your student file in order to receive your registration PIN.

  • They give you ownership for your own academic planning.
  • They help you plan when you want to take courses.
  • They give you the information to make informed course planning decisions.
  • They help ensure accurate completion of your degree requirements.
  • They give you and your advisor a common format to use when meeting for advising.
4 year program guide
4 Year Program Guide

A Program Guide is designed to show you the order in which we suggest that you take certain courses.

It is helpful to refer to a Program Guide when completing your academic plan.

A Program Guide contains a quick description of the major and course requirements. It also outlines when students should plan on taking courses.

Each Program Guide contains a non-MECOP and MECOP plan.

Program Guide

Important Tips
  • Download the most recent version of the Academic Plan from the web (revision date is located below where you enter your name).
  • Make sure you are completing the academic plan for your major.
  • Double check course prerequisites. Course prerequisites are listed in RED
  • Follow the steps as outlined in this presentation
  • Schedule your Bac core courses last. Use these courses to fill in where needed
  • WR 121 is Alpha Sectioned which means you are assigned to take this course in a specific term based on the first letter of your last name.
  • Use a Program Guide. Feel free to make changes based on your personal needs.
  • A typical course load for a full time student is 15 credits per term (excluding summer)
  • Submit one copy and save a copy of your academic plan
  • Use the following chart as a quick reference when scheduling technical courses (e.g. MTH, PH, ENGR, ME, IE, etc.).
the steps
The Steps

Step 1 – Name and OSU ID

Step 2 – Fill in “Done” Column

Step 3 – Review Program Guide for Your Major

Step 4 – Fill in Term Information

Step 5 – Add Major Electives

Step 6 – Add Additional Courses

Step 7 – Fill in “Later” Column

Step 8 – Double Check

Step 9 – Save and Print

step 2 fill in done column
Step 2 - Fill in Done Column
  • Open your MyDegree Profile
  • Enter an X in the “Done” column for all courses showing completed.
  • If you think you have completed a course but it is not showing up in MyDegrees put a "?" in the box and discuss with your advisor.
step 3 review program guide for your major
Step 3 – Review Program Guide for Your Major
  • Download the Program Guide for your major
  • Cross Off Courses Already Completed
  • Adjust schedule so it matches the Program Guide as much as possible
  • Use this information to complete your Academic Plan
step 4 fill in term information
Step 4 - Fill in Term Information
  • Enter currently enrolled coursework into the appropriate column
  • Grayed out boxes mean the course is not offered that term
  • When deciding to take a course in a particular term enter the number of credits for that course in the corresponding box
  • Pay attention to the Pre-Requisites listed in RED
step 5 add restricted electives
Step 5 - Add Restricted Electives

Enter in the restricted electives for your major.

step 6 add additional courses
Step 6 - Add Additional Courses
  • Use the bottom (back) of the sheet to add additional courses not listed on the academic plan. These courses are usually not part of your major or option requirements. (i.e. ALS, Foreign Language, NS, MS, PAC, optional minor)
  • These credits will automatically be added to your total number of credits for the term.
step 7 fill in later column
Step 7 - Fill in Later Column

Put an X in the “Later” column for each course that is neither marked off in the “Done” column nor scheduled in one of the terms

step 8 double check
Step 8 - Double Check

That your name and OSU ID number are correct

That each course on the academic plan is accounted for (done, scheduled, or marked to take later)

That you will have met the prerequisites for each course when you take it

That WR 121 is in the correct “Alpha” term

That the total number of credits for each term is appropriate. [Remember, a normal load is 15 credits]

step 9 save and print
Step 9 - Save and Print

Save your academic plan

Print your academic plan (1 page double sided)