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Enterprise mobile application development



E-Commerce Mobile Payment Approaches

E-Commerce Mobile Payment

Let’s think whether all the mobile shopping apps users are satisfied with all

phases of their purchase or not?

Enterprise mobile application development

Also need to know “What are the Mobile payment technologies available in today’s Mobile

application development service Company”. The answers lie in multiple parts. Yes, they love

many M-commerce service providers who served the facility to browse and shop on the go, and

home delivery whether it is online or offline.

M-Commerce Payment Strategy:

As a user when we explore the new items we like to have in a really competitive price we added

it in our Cart module of Mobile E commerce application and jumped to complete the order.

As next we requires to make payment and complete the order process. Follow the PayPal or

Debit Card or Credit Card using any payment gateway and complete the order. Here, i want to

raise my most concern.

As per research data “number of mobile users who holds card or PayPal is very less than who

don’t have any bank association. We know that % Mobile users is 20 times more than the web or

desktop users, so we got a good platform for marketing and branding. But now point is, business

says be reachable and create branding which will convert the guest user to a long term customer.

Wait, but we missed the max % of mobile users who don’t hold any bank account. This is where

many investors came with multiple solutions to make it better but failed at the end. So, here we

learned to follow the approach to make it successful for those users who don’t hold the bank


Solution is Cash On Delivery...

Lets jump for the statistics and analyze the payment mode in U.S. We know U.S citizens adopt

the technology very fast in their life. Many of users moved to adopt mobile payment following

‘Google Wallet’, ‘PayPal’, ‘smart watch’ & ‘Bio metric payment’ etc... As per” A World Pay

survey indicated that 49% of European consumers would most like to see bio metric payments

emerge as a payment technology alternative. As per ‘William Quinn – In U.S there are 45

Million who don’t have any credit history”. The statistics says there are big percentage of users

who don’t have any credit history in U.S & Asia. This moment we need to think about cash on

delivery payment mode which definitely add more number of customers.

Contact our R & D lead to know more about the strategy to follow for today’s M-Commerce

before you develop contacting any ecommerce website design company.