special olympics texas movement paradigm shift n.
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Special Olympics Texas Movement Paradigm Shift PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Olympics Texas Movement Paradigm Shift

Special Olympics Texas Movement Paradigm Shift

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Special Olympics Texas Movement Paradigm Shift

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  1. Special Olympics Texas MovementParadigm Shift • Traditional Special Olympics Programs • Inclusive Unified Sports Programs

  2. Young Athlete Program TrainingTim Shriver, President and CEOSpecial Olympics International

  3. Miniature Tree The Japanese Bonsai Tree

  4. Giant Sequoia Tree The General Sherman

  5. Motor Skills Emphasized • Foundational Skills/Advanced Skills • Walking -Running • Balance - Jumping • Trapping - Catching • Throwing - Striking • Kicking • Nutritional Learning Activities

  6. Sports Play ProgramConsists of physical activities to develop fundamental motor tracking and eye-hand coordination.Concentrates on applying the skills learned through these activities in preparation for Special Olympics sports competitions at 8 years old

  7. Benefits of the Program • Socialization (Project Unify: Meet in the Middle) Introductory Phase • • Coordination and strength building • Awareness of self worth and self confidence • Introduction to sports and preparation for competitions when they are of age • Family support and resources

  8. Family Support NetworkDeveloped as a result of families seeking to involve their young children in Special Olympics (3 Legged Stool Example)Introduces families to the resources and support available within Special Olympics.Offers families the opportunity to share in the success of their future athlete.

  9. Three Legged StoolYoung Athlete Support Model • Equal= Leg • Support • Family • School • SOTX • Leg Braces = Solid • Foundation • Cooperation • Communication • Collaboration

  10. Special Olympics TX Supportand Resources • YAP Activity Guide(What Coach) • Outlines specific activities for skill building with Instructional DVD • YAP Lesson Plans Guide (How Coach) • Each district will have access to this Resource • Equipment and/or ideas for equipment substitutions(YA Program Kit, Ribbons, T-Shirts) • SOTX Area Support/Chapter Staff Note! Added Nutritional Resources Supplement

  11. Young Athletes Activity Guide • Key Goals • Engage Children with ID Through Developmentally and Appropriate Play Activities That Foster Physical,Cognitive and Social Development • Welcome Family Members of Children with ID to Special Olympics Network of Support • Raise Awareness About Abilities of Children with ID *Through Inclusive Peer Participation, Demonstration and Other Events

  12. Young Athlete Activity Guide Contents1. The Activity Guide Provides Basic Instruction for Leading Activities, Recommends Equipment and Gives Tips for Leaders2. Review Activities Before You Start and Make Sure You Have the Proper Equipment3. Visit the Website: More Resources

  13. Young Athletes Lesson Plan Guide Key Elements of Motor Skills Development The Skills 1. Manipulative Skills- the ability to receive, handle, control or propel an object with hands, feet or an instrument 2. Transport Skills – enable a person to move from one point to another 3. Balance Skills – are necessary to maintain and control body position and posture while at rest or in motion (static and dynamic)

  14. Young Athletes Lesson Plan Guide Components • Activity Characteristics and Objectives • Introduction of the Activity • Warm-Up Prior to Activity • Individual Skill Development Phase • Specific Skill Used in Games and Activities • Cool Down and Nutrition Break Teaching Moment

  15. The Rainbow Ribbon Why?

  16. Young Athlete Program Nutrition Guide Information • Brave in the attempt • Eating habits start EARLY • Generation to generation • Rare opportunity

  17. The Role of Nutrition in Sports Melinda M. Manore, PhD, RD, CSSD; Nanna Meyer, PhD, RD, CSSD; Janice L. Thompson, PhD, RD, FACSM

  18. Young Athlete Program Nutritional Information Example Lesson Plan: Focus: Good vs. “other” foods. More nutritious foods fuel you more effectively. What we eat and drink is our energy source (just as gasoline is to a car). Activity: Healthy Hula Hoop Hop Scotch Handouts

  19. What Will The Young Athletes Program Look Like • Students work on skills as part of their school day. These skills may be in line with the students’ IEP goals/objectives. • One to two times per year there will be a culminating activity (Future Stars Sports Day) where students demonstrate the skills they have learned. • Families are invited to watch and participate with their child. • Participation ribbons will be presented.

  20. The Future Stars Sports Day Event

  21. Young Athlete Program Kit Contents

  22. Teacher Responsibilities Fill out SOTX Class A Volunteer Application Form. Complete SO General Orientation and Protective Behaviors online (which includes quiz) or in class if available. Send parent letter home with students(Typical Student Letter Where Appropriate) Obtain parental consent with release form returned. Fill out rosters with athlete information. Submit rosters to Your Area Directors. HAVE FUN!

  23. General Orientation and Protective Behaviors • Instructions • Go to • Click on Get Involved. • Click on Volunteer Opportunities. • Click on Coaching. • Click on General Orientation and Protective Behaviors on right side of screen. • Follow directions for completion and submission.

  24. State Director of Outreach and Families Mike R. Sullivan 7715 Chevy Chase Drive Suite 120 Austin, TX 78752 (512) 491-2958 (phone) (512) 835-7756 (fax)

  25. Speechless

  26. Young Athlete Program Future Stars Sports Day Event Typical Cycle of Activities Sample Activities #1 Through # 7

  27. Activity # 1Veggie and Fruit Relay Race

  28. Activity # 2Swing for the Fence

  29. Activity # 3Catch and Throw

  30. Activity # 4Balance Beam Walk

  31. Activity # 5Jump the Broom

  32. Activity # 6Tunnel Crawl

  33. Activity # 7Kick Ball Field Goal

  34. That’s All Folks!!!!!

  35. Winter WonderlandFantasy AdventureForYoung Athletes Future Stars Fun Day Activities

  36. Young Athletes Program • Winter Wonderland Themed • Future Stars Sports Day • Activities 1 Through 8

  37. Activity # 1 “ice skating”

  38. Activity # 2 • Sled Ride Penguin Bowling

  39. Activity # 3 Ice Fishing 500,000 Downloadable PowerPoint Templates, Animated Clip Art, Backgrounds and Videos

  40. Activity # 5Giant Snowball KickScoring

  41. Activity # 6Bring Penelope the Polar BearHome

  42. Activity # 7Ice Hockey Slap Shot

  43. Activity # 8Save Sammy the Seal

  44. Other Themes:Winter Wonderland ThemeJungle AdventureSurf’s UpLuau CelebrationLost In Space