10 tips for a healthy diet n.
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10 tips for a healthy diet PowerPoint Presentation
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10 tips for a healthy diet

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10 tips for a healthy diet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10 tips for a healthy diet. Eat variedly. There‘s no healthy , unhealthy or forbidden food . It‘s all just about the amount and c ombination . C ereal products.

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10 tips for a healthy diet

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eat variedly

There‘s no healthy, unhealthyorforbiddenfood. It‘s all just abouttheamountandcombination.

c ereal products

It‘sreallyhealthy to eatcerealproductsseveraltimes a day. Theydon‘tcontainmuchfat, but vitamins, minerals, traceelements, and dietaryfiber.

a bout milk products fish and meat
About milk products, fish and meat

Everyday, youshouldconsume milk products, once a weekfish, and sausageproducts, meat and eggs in moderation.

d rinking is important

Water is essential, so everyoneshoulddrinkabout 1,5 litres a day. Alcoholicdrinksshouldbeconsumed just sometimes.

l ow fat and high fat foods
Low fat and high-fatfoods

Toomuchfatmakesyouthick and increasestherisk of cardiovasculardisease and cancer. Youshouldeatabout 70 - 90 g fat a day.

g ently cooking

Cook foodshort at lowtemperatureswithlittlewater and fat - thispreservesthenutrients.

s easonings

Be creativeanduse different spices and lesssalt and useiodisedsalt.

e at slowly

Consciouseatinghelps to eat right, and takingyour time wheneatingspeeds up thesatietyfeeling.

fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables – takethemfivetimes a day, as fresh as possibleor just cookedshort. So you‘llbe well providedwithvitamines and minerals.

and just stay fit
… and just stay fit

Withthe right weightyoualwaysfeel good.