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<br>Government Firm– If the NGO completes 3 years, then it ends up being qualified for bigger quantity of funding and Ngo Project | Ngo <br><br>Funding can approach the government ministries for grants. There is a different ministry for Non government organization grant <br><br>focused on a certain objective and plan. Even if the NGO is not 3 years of ages, it can obtain little monetary grant for short term <br><br>tasks like environmental awareness, camps arranging for health improvement in rural areas.<br><br> <br><br>Foreign Funding Agency– Foreign Financing applies when the NGO gets signed up under FCRA. The social welfare organization has to be 3 <br><br>years of ages for long-term registration under FCRA. In case if the Non Government Organization is one year of age and any foreign <br><br>donor wants to contribute any total up to Ngo Project | Ngo Funding that Foundation, then that NGO can apply for FCRA prior <br><br>permission. The foreign contribution is normally for those donations who are especially working for a certain source like women <br><br>empowerment, eradication of kid illiteracy, HIV/AIDS awareness in towns and under established areas.<br><br> <br><br>All business organizations who are having a yearly turnover in Crores, they are expected to donate 2 % of their revenues to social <br><br>well-being organizations i.e. NGOs. The CSR choose those NGOs who are signed up under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.<br><br>Our firm provides a broad array of services in the sectors of project report preparation for NGOS after thorough and deep Ngo Project <br><br>| Ngo Fundingunderstanding of the objective of non government companies. NGO CONSULTANCY was formed to help collections in <br><br>administration limit building and in enhancing efficiency.

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