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Shop the Best Quality Folding Electric Scooter Online from Next Up Trends

Get complete details (including specifications, features, and photos) on top 3 electric motorcycles of 2018 in the USA.

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Shop the Best Quality Folding Electric Scooter Online from Next Up Trends

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  1. The 3 Best Electric Motorcycles of 2018 – Specs, Photos & Features

  2. When looking for an efficient way to get around the city, there are a number of electric motorcycle options available so that you don’t have to settle for less. Moreover, with the rise in fuel prices and damage caused by the burning of fossil fuels, e-motorcycles have managed to gain more attention of motorcycle lovers. Let’s check out the top 3 electric motorcycles in the USA that you can buy now –

  3. KM575 Rogue Electric Motorcycle KM575 Rogue is a ZERO emission electric motorbike that has gained a lot of popularity because of its stylish looks and great features. This e-motorcycle will take you around the city quickly and with utmost comfort, which makes it an ideal electric motorcycle for novice and experienced motorcycle riders. Some features are –

  4. Dual disc brake system to provide immediate stopping power • 2000/5000W brushless motor and 72V battery to keep you moving up to 100 Km without recharging the battery. • Hydraulic shock absorption system to provide a comfortable ride on bumpy road conditions. • Some other features are cruise control, aluminum rims, easy to read display, quick charging and more.

  5. M575-Stealth Electric Motorcycle M575-Stealthis a convenient and lightweight e-motorcycle that is ideal for quick trips around the city. It is a 100% electric bike that comes with a powerful 2000/5000W brushless motor and a 72V lithium battery to ensure you cover up to 70 Km without stopping. Its steel and plastic frame ensures the e-motorbike will last a lifetime. Some features are –

  6. Dual hydraulic brake system to take control of the speed • LED headlight to guide you through during the night • Smart LCD display to show battery level, speed, time, and more.

  7. DP-Ninja- Electric Motorcycle DP-Ninja is a 100% electric motorcycle that comes with a powerful 2000W/3000W/5000W motor and long-lasting 72V, 40AH lithium-ion battery. The e-motorcycle will take you around the city at a maximum speed of 100 Km/h that makes it a great alternative to convention fuel bikes. Some features are –

  8. It features a powerful battery that lasts up to 65 Km. • Dual disc brakes for quick stopping • LED headlights to provide assistance in low light conditions • Vacuum tires to provide smooth riding experience on uneven road conditions

  9. Ready to hit the road? This list will help you choose the right electric motorcycle that will suit your travel needs. Drop a comment below and let us know your favorite one.

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