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Electric Heating Solutions - Nexthermal Smart Heat Managemen PowerPoint Presentation
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Electric Heating Solutions - Nexthermal Smart Heat Managemen

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Electric Heating Solutions - Nexthermal Smart Heat Managemen
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Electric Heating Solutions - Nexthermal Smart Heat Managemen

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  1. Nexthermal Smart Heat Management

  2. Global Electric Heating Solutions Approachable International Innovative Dynamic Knowledgeable

  3. Nexthermal is the new name for the company you have known as Hotset Corporation, this new identity is representative of our transition to offer a broader range of solutions including heating elements, sensors, control systems, complete assemblies, and engineering services This name change is truly a vote of confidence by our ownership of 25 years to extend our smart heat management solutions worldwide. Our commitment to our customers is the reason for this change.

  4. Mission Statement Nexthermal accelerates the development and delivery of optimized heating systems, solutions and services for vital process heating applications. Vision Statement Worldwide leader in advancing process heating technology solutions in growth and emerging niche markets.

  5. American Roots, International Reach United States Headquarters and manufacturing strategically located in Battle Creek, Michigan (USA) since 1986 Manufacturing supporting Asia located in Bangalore, India. Nexthermal can collaborate with our customers via direct technical sales staff, R&D web updates, and Nexthermal trained north American and International distributors

  6. As you engage Nexthermal our goal is that you conclude we are: Approachable — Welcoming discussion, highly interested in the details of your application. Sincerely committed to helping you succeed. Dynamic — Responding with a sense of urgency, proactively anticipating and planning for challenges, demonstrating agility that incorporates your input and experience to accelerate the best solution. Knowledgeable — Our application experience, ability to understand your process, generating market driven solutions should lead you to clearly see that Nexthermal is your heat management expert. International — United States roots with a global reach. With customers and strategic partners worldwide Nexthermal has the resources to generate the right solution to you delivering world class benefits well beyond your investment in our products and services.

  7. Let us be your R&D! If heat is essential to your process, systematic heat management thinking and development is key to your competitive edge. Nexthermal is committed to make our best resources – people, tools, testing, and facilities – available to accelerate your success. Your R&D department just cost effectively extended it’s capabilities.

  8. Nexthermal Heaters… • Participated in the 2010 Olympics testing for controlled substances and creating snow • Helped make disease detection of Malaria, Bird Flu and more than 2000 other diseases faster, more affordable and portable • Enable Mass Spectrometry systems to detect parts per billion • Create energy savings opportunity and more hygienic design for food production companies • Improve effectiveness and life of electric vehicle batteries • Extend the capabilities of existing Hot Runner Injection Molding designs, and develop new product offerings • Improve Aerospace hydraulic system responsiveness and energy efficiency Imagine what we can do when your experience is combined with ours – focused squarely on your heat management needs.

  9. Low mass, Smaller Footprint Packaging Jaw • Ø 1/8” pressed in place heater • Minimum bending radius – 6mm • Flexible, hand formable, can be sealed for wash down applications • Ideal for low mass, small footprint applications • Can incorporate type J thermocouple, positioned anywhere

  10. HotFlow Modular Circulation Heater Improving Electric Vehicle Battery Performance and Life

  11. Mini Manifold Improving versatility and use of existing product Wood pellet stove igniter Improved durability and performance

  12. Energy Saving • Reduces amount of energy to meet temperature set point by 24.3% • Replaces SS321 heater sheath with a highly thermally conductive alloy • SS321 = 16 – 22W/mK • New alloy = 159 W/mK • 622% improvement in rate of thermal transfer from heater to jaw • Capable of a sustained 600o F operating temperature

  13. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Block Nexthermal developed product helps PCR company revolutionize PCR disease detection affordability and portability PCR Well Heating System

  14. Plate design Staggered heater power, without internal wattage distribution Standard heater power in each location Reduced temperature variance, further improvement possible with distributed wattage

  15. Thank You!