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La Misión de las carreras Universitarias para aportar a la innovación de las Empresas PowerPoint Presentation
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La Misión de las carreras Universitarias para aportar a la innovación de las Empresas

La Misión de las carreras Universitarias para aportar a la innovación de las Empresas

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La Misión de las carreras Universitarias para aportar a la innovación de las Empresas

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  1. La Misión de las carreras Universitarias para aportar a la innovación de las Empresas Ramón Vásquez, PhD Universidad de Puerto Rico

  2. Founded in 1903, the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) is the oldest and largest university system in Puerto Rico; • The system is run much like a state university system (though Puerto Rico is not a U.S. state); • Its programs are accredited by U.S. accreditation agencies; • UPR consists of 11 campuses. Three of them are graduate campuses: • Rio Piedras, Medical Sciences, and Mayaguez • UPR has an enrollment of approximately 75,000 students

  3. UPR at Rio Piedras UPR at Mayaguez UPR Medical Sciences

  4. Current student enrollment, Second Academic Semester • UPRM enrollment: 13,828 students • College of Engineering Undergraduate enrollment: 4,732 students (34%) • 3,226 male (23%) and 1,506 female (11%) • College of Engineering Graduate enrollment: 421 students • 300 male and 121 female • First Year (Freshmen) Engineering enrollment • 742 students

  5. Current Programs COE

  6. Upcoming programs

  7. ASEE Rankings (May 2009)

  8. The Research Revolution @ UPRM

  9. UPRM Research Areas • College of Engineering Proposed Strategic Research Areas • Information Technology ($$$) • Materials (promoted from opportunistic, nanotechnology) • Environmental ($$$) • Bioengineering/Pharma (opportunistic) • Energy/Power ($$$, sustainable) • Infrastructure ($$$, natural/anthro disasters) • Atmospheric Science & Engineering ($$$)

  10. NSF Sponsored Engineering Research Centers

  11. Other Engineering Research Centers

  12. SEGI: Social, Ethical & Global Issues • Engineering is practiced in a social context. This brings about ethical, social, and global issues, which need to be embedded in the disciplinary curriculum. • The main focus of the program is on the delivery and assessment of course modules: • Freshman Module, Capstone Course Module • Social and global awareness modules • Materials that help with ABET accreditation guidelines

  13. New Academic Initiatives • Aim: Add value to current engineering baccalaureates by providing training paths that are aligned with emerging industrial and societal demands. The following Curricular Sequences are in the making or in the approval pipeline: • Nuclear Engineering • Bioinformatics • Systems Engineering • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (being designed by: Elvia Camayd, Walter Alomar, Jaime Seguel)

  14. Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Office (IP-TTO) • IP-TTO was create to facilitate the development, protection and commercialization of intellectual property such as research and inventions of the faculty, students and personnel of the UPRM.

  15. VISION : To advance the development of the UPRM faculty’s groundbreaking inventions, discoveries and ideas into new products, processes and services for the betterment of society, while improving Puerto Rico's economic competitiveness. • MISSION: Partnering with UPRM faculty to develop and implement innovative strategies to protect and commercialize their new inventions and discoveries so as to generate revenues for the University, the community and the general public, in close collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization.

  16. IP-TTO’s current activities • IP-TTO’s webpage ( • General information about IPTTO’s services • Resources for the inventor • Glossary of relevant IP terms • Documents & Forms • Useful links • Relevant news & articles

  17. IP-TTO’s current activities • Development of educational material and useful tools for UPRM’s faculty and students on IP and other relevant topics • UPRM Inventor’s handbook on IP & Technology Transfer • What is an Invention • Keeping lab notebooks, etc. • Minor in IP (3 courses, 9 credits total) • Intellectual Property for Scientists and Engineers • Already codified (INTD 5007) as temporary • Fundamentals of Patents and Patenting • IP Management & Technology Licensing

  18. Entrepreneurship • Main focus – “preventive” through faculty development and curriculum change incorporating lessons learned in Entrepreneurship Education from around the world • First to establish a faculty development program in Small Business and Entrepreneurship • First to design and implement a series of new courses in Entrepreneurship that is the foundation for a Certificate in Entrepreneurship offered to all UPRM students

  19. Entrepreneurship • First to promote and sponsor research in Entrepreneurship among faculty and graduate students • First to establish an “Entrepreneur in Residence” • Leaders in establishing entrepreneurial initiativessuch as: • PR and Caribbean affiliate of the ICSB (1996-1997) • Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization in PR (1997) • “Premio Éxito Empresarial Universitario” (2000)

  20. Entrepreneurship • Partners assisting in the establishment of other entrepreneurial initiatives such as: • Innovation Competition by the Partners for Innovation program (NSF) • Grupo Guayacán’s Enterprize Competition • Students in Free Enterprise • others

  21. Entrepreneurship • The combination of faculty development, curriculum design and implementation, research and other initiatives contributed to a cultural change • from preparing to be an employee to aspiring to be an entrepreneur

  22. New Infrastructure and Support to facilitate current and future enterprising initiatives • Technology Innovation Center • Business Center • Business Support Center • A campus-wide;island-wide endeavor

  23. Initiatives • Student Initiatives • Reto 2.0 ( • Initiatives for profesor and student • EnterPRize ( • Enterprises Innovations • ( • In the most recent Enterprize competition the winners where • Eduardo Juan; Sonar Sensing Technologies ( • RUM NanoEssentials (

  24. To really have an impact on changing the mindset, we need to change: • who “teaches” (beyond faculty members) • where learning takes place (beyond the classroom) • how learning occurs (beyond lectures/books) • THANKS