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I know it’s Over

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I know it’s Over. Fiction Ontario Number of Pages: 244 Arrielle Lagacé . C.K. Kelly Martin. C.K. Kelly Martin is 45 years old She lives in the greater Toronto area with her husband. Has her own website that you can visit: www.ckkellymartin.com

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i know it s over
I know it’s Over



Number of Pages: 244

Arrielle Lagacé

c k kelly martin
C.K. Kelly Martin
  • C.K. Kelly Martin is 45 years old
  • She lives in the greater Toronto area with her husband.
  • Has her own website that you can visit: www.ckkellymartin.com
  • A wider selection of novels that she has written includes: One Lonely Degree, My Beating Teenage Heart, Yesterday, The Lighter Side of Life and Death, and Come See About Me.
main character s
Main Character’s

Nick Severson

Nick is the main character and narrator of the novel. He is a 16 year old boy living in the suburbs of Toronto. He’s a strong hockey player and loves to party. He’s tall with dark hair and dark brown eyes, a great smile and tough build. His hobbies include inline skating, hanging out at the mall, and just being with his friends. Nick’s 2 best friends are Nate and Keelor, and his girlfriend Sasha. His parents are divorced and he lives at home with his younger sister Holland (13) and his mother.

sasha the girlfriend
Sasha- the girlfriend

Sasha Jasinski

Sasha is a 16 year old girl with a bright future and innocent past. She has long brown hair that runs down to the middle of her back and bright blue eyes. She’s tall and slender with a natural look, no makeup. She enjoys sailing and teaches sailing lessons in her spare time. She lives a very organized life and has nothing really interesting going on. Her marks are top of all the kids in her class and she plans to go to University when she finishes high school. Sasha is a daddy’s girl and disappoints her father greatly when she gets pregnant.

nate the best friend
Nate- the best friend

Nate Larson

Nate is Nick’s closest friend that he has known the longest. His hair is dirty blonde with brown eyes and a tall muscular frame. Nate is also a team mate in Nick’s hockey league but later quits. Nate only reveals that he is gay to Nick at first, but lets everyone else know by joining the Gay/Lesbian association group at school and trying to get with a guy years older than him and way out of his league. His dad is divorced and does not approve of his sons preferences, so Nate has a negative atmosphere at home and it shows in his personality.

  • “I Know it’s Over” starts out with Nick and Sasha becoming best friend’s over the summer and develop strong feelings for each other, puppy love. After they start getting more serious with their relationship the worst that can happen, happens: Sasha becomes pregnant. It all goes downhill from there, they break up, stop communicating, Nick develops some bad habits, and at the end of it all Sasha decides to get an abortion. After all’s said and done they have agreed to be friends still and keep in touch. All throughout the book Nick’s father tries binding the gaps in their drifting relationship and they do become closer by the end of the novel.
likes dislikes
  • I liked that this novel was partially romance. It helped make the book more interesting for me.
  • I disliked that the author uses limited description throughout the book, nothing is clear and most of your questions have to be answered using your own judgment.
  • I liked the whole story line of this novel, a lot of it I could relate to and it gave me a kind of connection to the book.
  • I dislike that it was a short novel, and kind of had a drop off ending.
  • Ambiance- The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment.

Ex: The ambiance in the room was relaxed and comforting.

  • Relevancy- relation to the matter at hand.

Ex: I understand what you are saying, however, that has no relevancy to the question I am asking you.

  • Jurisdiction- power; authority; control.

Ex: He has jurisdiction over all American soldiers in the area.

  • Precarious- depending on the will or pleasure of another.

Ex: He earned a precarious livelihood by gambling.

  • Au Courant- To be fully informed; up to date.

Ex: The news paper is always au courant with the events of the city.

  • Prerogative- a right; privilege.

Ex: It was the teacher's prerogative to stop the discussion.


The theme of the novel is Romance.

In the book the two teenagers go through many problems, some with the relationship and others individually, but overall the theme is supposed to be the ‘finding of yourself’. Nick and Sasha discover things about their personalities that they hadn’t known about before. It’s based around romance but in between everything the characters also establish gender roles. The lessons learned in ‘I Know It’s Over’ are that you take responsibility for the mistakes you make and accept the consequences.


A genuinely written novel with depth that truly understands what young teens go through in high school. The way that they deal with the pregnancy isn’t so realistic but it does happen often in society. A lot of other reviews mention that the book will pull on your heart strings and it does, as you read about rejection and heartbreak. C.K. Kelly Martin has a talent for writing life like it is, this book will appeal to people who read Sarah Dessen and John Green novels. The emotional detail in this novel is compelling and honest, an unforgettable read that I would recommend to anyone.

changing the title
Changing the Title
  • If I could change something about the book it would be the title.
  • I would change the title to “Unexpected and Expecting”
  • I would choose this title because the two teens aren’t expecting Sasha to get pregnant, but are surprised to find out she is ‘expecting’.
  • I think it’s a clever and descriptive title, more creative than what the author came up with.
about the author
About the author

C.K. Kelly Martin was born and raised in the surrounding Toronto area and now lives in the greater Toronto regions with her Irish husband. She has written many books, but “I know it’s Over” was her very first that she wrote and published that took her a time period of 7 years to complete. She travelled a lot before deciding to become a writer.