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Cosmetic Surgery Orange County- A Review on Rhinoplasty

Looking to undergo Rhinoplasty? Don’t have much idea? Take a quick glimpse to this presentation and find information on Rhinoplasty with easily understandable terms.

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Cosmetic Surgery Orange County- A Review on Rhinoplasty

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  2. Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery is a surgical treatment to improve the appearance and proportion of nose. The surgery is also helpful in correcting impaired breathing caused as a result of structural abnormalities in the nose.

  3. Who is fit for nose surgery? Rhinoplasty can be done only on a fully developed nose. The minimum age limits are Females- 15 to 16 years Males – 17 to 18 years

  4. What rhinoplasty surgery can change? • Nasal asymmetry and deviation • Shape modification • Correcting any birth defects • Altering the size and shape of the nose • Correcting breathing blockages

  5. About the Surgery Rhinoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon under general anesthetic. The surgeon first separates the nasal skin and soft tissues from the nasal framework and reshapes them as required. The surgery can take a minimum of 90 minutes.

  6. Methods in Rhinoplasty Depending on the site of incisions, the surgery has two methods • Open Rhinoplasty • Closed Rhinoplasty

  7. Open Rhinoplasty: The surgery is done through a cut in the outside part of the nostrils. Closed Rhinoplasty: In closed rhinoplasty the surgery is accomplished by making incisions in the inner side of the nostrils.

  8. After the surgery: The patient may feel • Anesthesia complications • Pain • Bleeding • Swelling • Nausea problems

  9. Medication after surgery: The doctors may prescribe the following medicines • Antibiotics • Pain Killers • Moisturizers- To minimize nasal crusting

  10. Guidelines to be followed during recovery: • Don’t blow the nose for a few days after the surgery • Keep the head up while lying down • Stay away from dust and smoke • In case of excessive bleeding rush to the doctor • Never try to block a sneeze

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