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Oracle primavera project management

http://www.nevoda.com/ | We are an Oracle Gold Partner (OPN) specializing in Primavera P6 Project Management and Enterprise Management products. Our expertise is Certified Primavera Training and consulting.  We believe we provide the best Primavera training in Texas and possibly the US.

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Oracle primavera project management

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  1. NevodaPlanet AdvancedProjectManagementin PrimaveraP6 Length:͖Days PDUs: ͕͗CEUs: ͕.͗ Prerequisites: Knowledgeof ProjectManagement principles. BasicPro- jectManagement inPrimavera P͚orequivalentknowledge. UsingUser-Deined FieldsandGlobalChange Synopsis Thiscourseprovidesin-depth projectmanagementtraining Course Objectives • Importandexportdata • Updatebaselines • UseClaimDigger • Applydurationtypes • Calculatepercentcomplete • Useearnedvalueanalysis • Usetop-downbudgeting • Applytrackinglayouts • Autocomputelayouts • Usetop-downestimating • Viewrelectionprojects • Manageissuesandrisks • CreateaprojectwithProjectAr- chitect • AssignCodes • Useglobalchange • Advancedscheduling • EstablishingUser-DeinedFields • DeiningGlobalChangeParameters inP6.Topicsincludeupdatingbase- lines,importingandexportingpro- jectdata,andtop-downbudgeting. Detailedinstructiononearned valueanalysisincludeslessonson durationtypesandhowtocalculate percentcomplete.Studentsalsowill learntoleveragebestpracticesto createaprojectusingmethodolo- gies. Audience: Managing Portfolios • CreatingaPortfolio • OpeningProjectsUsingPortfolios AdvancedScheduling • CalculatingMultipleFloatPaths • ExplainingSchedulingLogicOptions • IdentifyingaCalendar’sEfectonLag MonitoringThresholdsandIssues • FunctionalImplementer • BusinessAnalysts • EndUsers • ProjectManager • CreatingaThresholdandanIssue Importingand ExportingData • CreatingaProject with ProjectArchitect • CustomizingtheProjectPlan • ImportingaProject • ExportingaProject • Importing/ExportingwithMSExcel AssigningCodes Updating Baselines • AssigningActivityCodes • AssigningResourceCodes • AssigningProjectCodes • UpdateActivityandResourceAssign- mentData Claim Digger • CreatingaComparisonReportin ClaimDigger NevodaPlanet ͕͕͖͕͕Katy FreewaySuite ͖͔͛ Houston,TX ͔͛͛͛͝ ͖͛͝.͚͜͝.͚͖͜͝ or ͜͜͜.͔͙͜.͔͛͘͝www.nevoda.com Primavera Certified Software Sales,Training& Consulting Released͖/͜/͕͖

  2. NevodaPlanet AdvancedProjectManagementinPrimaveraP6 Page2 CalculatingPercent Complete Top-DownBudgeting • EstablishingProjectBudgets • EstablishingSpendingPlans • TrackingBudgetChanges • DescribingThreePercentCom- pleteTypes • UsingWeightedStepstoCalcu- latePercentComplete • Top-DownEstimating • AddingEstimationWeights EarnedValue Analysis Documenting Risk • DeinePerformancePercentCom- plete • ReviewResultsofEarnedValue Techniques • CalculateaRisk’sExposure • AnalyzingtheImpactofarRsk UsingRelectionProjects AutoCompute Actuals ActivityUsage ProileandSpreadsheet • DisplayingCostdData • DisplayingCurvesintheActivity UsageProile NevodaPlanet ͕͕͖͕͕Katy FreewaySuite ͖͔͛ Houston,TX ͔͛͛͛͝ ͖͛͝.͚͜͝.͚͖͜͝ or ͜͜͜.͔͙͜.͔͛͘͝www.nevoda.com Primavera Certified Software Sales,Training& Consulting

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