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College of Mt. St. Vincent Teacher Learner Center Dr. Pelham Mead, Director Spring 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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College of Mt. St. Vincent Teacher Learner Center Dr. Pelham Mead, Director Spring 2005

College of Mt. St. Vincent Teacher Learner Center Dr. Pelham Mead, Director Spring 2005

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College of Mt. St. Vincent Teacher Learner Center Dr. Pelham Mead, Director Spring 2005

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  1. College of Mt. St. Vincent Teacher Learner Center Dr. Pelham Mead, Director Spring 2005 Spring 2005-Teacher Learner Center Professional Development Course outline

  2. Tutorial Session- Week 1 Session 1- 90 min. • Note any missed classes must be made up with • your instructor. • The grant mandates 45 hours and does not allow • for any less.

  3. Course Orientation, • Explanation of laptop computers and equipment. • Laptop loan program and TLC policies.

  4. Title V Goals, and how they relate to the TLC Course • 15 hour personal project • 90 minute tutorial session each week for 13 weeks. • 1 hr. interview counts as one session to equal 14 weeks

  5. Personal Sessions-(90 min.) How to upload courses to Blackboard ( Activate you account by changing the e-mail password for the first time on

  6. Blackboard online • Activate all your courses by logging on to Blackboard and activating the course • Review the Announcements • Review the Documents section • Things you cannot do, such as delete a student or add a student

  7. Blackboard Basics • Grading program • Testing program • Bulletin Board • E-mail the entire class • Digital Drop Box • E-chat section • Looking at the statistics for each student as to their activity

  8. Week 2 Computer Basics: Copy and paste files using My Computer Cut and paste files Delete a file Burning a CD-R Burning a DVD-R if a DVD burner is available All about DVD formats, MPG3 formats, etc. copying problems

  9. Emergency problems with laptops, Fn key and F-8 or F-7 or F-4 function key when working with LCD projectors to send a signal to the projector. • Emergency shutdown procedures. • Control Alternate Delete • Holding down the start button for ten seconds

  10. Week 2 Begin Introduction to Powerpoint 2003 Changes in Powerpoint 2003 from XP version Jump start Powerpoint Using the Powerpoint Manual written by Dr. Mead Planning using the Powerpoint template guide Layout guidelines Slide Designs ( see 1 million design CD)

  11. Conciseness • Conciseness is the key in Powerpoint- keep it short and sweet. • Getting use to the Menu layout of Powerpoint. What icons mean what? • Create a background picture of your own

  12. Creating a background • Instructions how to make a picture a background slide. • Click the Format menu, • Click Background,

  13. Click the arrow on the bottom of the menu. Go to Fill Select picture Click OK.

  14. Wow, what a background?

  15. Week 2- Project 1 • Project #1- 9 or 10 slide Basic Powerpoint Slide show with no transitions or graphics to be completed by the next session.

  16. Smart Classroom orientation- Take a trip to a wireless smart classroom and practice setting up a wireless laptop Take a trip to a regular hardwired smart classroom.

  17. Smart Classrooms • Rooms on the third floor not including rooms 314 and 312. Practice hooking up the wire and LAN wire in these classes. Use the remote to turn the projector on and off. • Sign-out procedures for Remotes, portable LCD projectors and other equipment.

  18. Week 3 Session-3- Powerpoint Review of basics Powerpoint Project work- Project #1 ten slides due Using styles or designs as they are called, Templates downloaded from Layout format guidelines Templates vs. Designs

  19. Session 3 • . • Project #2- Create another slide show or use the same slide show and insert graphics and images on some of the slides. • Apply some text transitions and one 3-D slide transition. Add 5 slides to a total of 15 slides. Due next week.

  20. Session 4 Week 4 Sesssion -Powerpoint presentation in a Smart Classroom setting. Review how to Connect wires and use the remote; trouble shooting with LCD.

  21. Digital video filming requirement of the Grant- All Professors will be filmed for the archives, demonstrating technology before and after.

  22. Sound Adding sound to transitions

  23. Sound • .wav files are usually 5-10 secs. Click the clipart menu Select sounds Insert sound

  24. Sounds .mid or midi files are longer 10 sec to several minutes. Wait and you will hear the requiem, slow to start.

  25. Mpg sounds Currently Powerpoint does not work with mpg sounds.

  26. Custom Animation menu Using the Custom Animation Menu, Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Motion choices. Add one of each of these to an existing slide show. Review burning a CD-R and save Projects #1 and #2 to a CD.

  27. Burning a CD-R • Click MY COMPUTER • Go to the file or files you want to copy, click them and go to EDIT, Copy in the top menu. • Change Directory to the D: drive or where ever you CD-R is found. • EDIT, Paste the files onto the CD • Second step, burn files to CD

  28. Burning a CD#2 • Using the Roxio program. • Open the Roxio program • Select Data File transfer • Move the file or folder down from the top menu to the bottom menu, drag and drop • Click Record • Click OK, the files will burn onto the CD-R and you are done.

  29. Review wireless connections for a laptop- See the ten Step Guide Review Printing a Powerpoint slide show, Setup, Preview and Print. Do not print full page color or you will use up all the color ink Options for instructions to print out for students

  30. Assignment 4 • Project #4- Create a 20 Slide Powerpoint Presentation • Include cartooning • Include animation • Include transition of graphics to create motion

  31. Cartooning Techniques vs Motion menu in custom animation Project #5- Begin working on 35 slide show- Increase your previous Powerpoint slide slow to allow for a Cartooning effect done manually. 35 slides total Due next week .

  32. Internet Browsers • Week 5 Session • Browsers, search engines, top 25 search engines,,,,,,,,,,,

  33. Search Engines • The death of Netscape • The future with MS Explorer and Apple’s Safari? • Internet downloading of pictures, gif., jpg, right click mouse, save picture as

  34. Cartooning vs. Motion • Only cartooning can give the illusion of fading into the distance or getting closer and closer slide after slide. • Motion is 2D across the page for text or clipart or free style, but no increase or decrease in size. • Transitions are not cartooning

  35. Session 6 • Week 6 Session -Powerpoint-3-D graphics, 3-D drawing, 3-D title slides from Crystal Graphics • Learn how to Add 3-D title slides, • Learn how to Add 3-D transitions to a few slides • Learn how to use Webtricity –Simply 3-D Program to create an animated .gif logo

  36. Insert animated logo into Powerpoint slide show. Learn how to draw a square or circle and add 3-D effects to it. Change color.

  37. 3-D effects • Project #5- Apply 3-D effects and special animated logo from Webtricity Simply 3-D program to your existing powerpoint 25-30 slide show. Complete by next week.

  38. Week 7 Session -½ way point in the course- Begin work on 50 slide 15 hour project. Include all the skills and special effects learned in the course in this one show.

  39. Hyper-linking • Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to another show • Go to Show #2 • Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to an Internet URL • Go to northern lights browser

  40. Adobe Photoshop CS • If your tutoree is moving along and up to date with the curriculum, then this is the time to introduce some Adobe Photoshop basics.

  41. Adobe Photoshop • Learning the Toolbar tools • Lasso Tool • Magnetic Lasso • Magic Wand • Circle marquee • Square marquee

  42. Downloading project files • Download the project files for Adobe Photoshop from • Goto Workshops • Click Adobe Photoshop • Download Mr. Melonhead start photo and endphoto.

  43. Mr. Melonhead This is the start file

  44. Here is the Final photo after many Transfers. This is what he should look like when you finish.

  45. Adobe Photoshop CS Bear Mt. Bridge

  46. Adobe Photoshop CS Magic Wand assignment to copy and cut this tower

  47. Adobe Photoshop CS Rose project, Magnetic lasso and clone tools.

  48. Adobe Photoshop CS Lilly project, crop, magnetic lasso, clone

  49. Adobe Photoshop CS Scotland Girl, use the new Bandaid tool to work with facial pixels, eye dropper, paint brush and Clone or pattern tool.