Think globally contribute locally for long term impact programs to reach local needs
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Why partner with Comunidade Mocambicana de Ajuda (CMA)? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Think globally contribute locally for long term impact programs to reach local needs. Why partner with Comunidade Mocambicana de Ajuda (CMA)?

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Think globally contribute locally for long term impact programs to reach local needs

  • Why partner with Comunidade Mocambicana de Ajuda (CMA)?

  • We cultivate partnerships with private sector that share our vision of a society where the people can participate and intervene in the social and economical development of the country, improving their living standards and well being.

  • Our Experience

  • For 15 years, Comunidade Mocambicana de Ajuda (CMA) has been helping communities and vulnerable people bringing hope and opportunity.

  • CMA is a non-governmental, non profit organization devoted to fight poverty through our programs: Sustainable agriculture and environment, Education and Vocational Training, Health (HIV AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculoses), Gender and Economic Development.

  • Our mission is to build capacities of the vulnerable population promoting social economic development to uplift their lives.

  • How can we work together?

  • CMA can work with your company to develop a partnership that promotes your business goals, our philanthropic goals and solving a specific problem in the community we work.

  • Sponsorships

  • Most of the companies that support CMA do so through direct financial support to our projects or specific events such as Children’s Day.

  • In kind services

  • In kind services and products are valuable to CMA. A donation as in kind good or services assists our work by freeing up the funds that would be needed for those purposes or allowing us to expand our programs.

  • Are you in Maputo or surroundings? We are happy to receive your support in kind too such as IT equipments you no longer need, consumables, printing/publishing services, agriculture tools etc.

  • Everyday CMA helps people in poor communities survive and thrive. Your support will help us continue to lift children, women and families out of poverty.

  • Support our causes:

  • Support assisting communities and farmers the impact of climate change consequences

  • Help empower women and girls to gain education and leadership skills, to give voices and stand up against domestic violence

  • Help farmers increase their crops and income. They learn about sustainable agriculture techniques, horticulture, and animal breeding.

  • Fight against HIV and AIDS. Poverty is both a cause and consequence of HIV AIDS. CMA gives people information and tools to protect themselves, promotes efforts to mitigate the effects of HIV AIDS in poor communities

  • Help community escape poverty

  • We place special focus on working alongside most vulnerable people through community based initiatives, improve income, advocate for rights, protect natural resources, promote sustainable agriculture, empower women and helps people rebuild their lives.


Avenida Alberto Lithulli no 1309, 2nd Floor

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: +825 21404439; +825 823032537