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Ethan From Chapter 7. Reflection. Who do you pity most in this story thus far? Do you feel as though the characters are getting what they deserve? Why or why not?

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  • Who do you pity most in this story thus far?

  • Do you feel as though the characters are getting what they deserve? Why or why not?

  • You have 10 minutes to write. Try to use the whole time. If you have answered all the questions and have nothing more to say, then write about your outside reading book.

Think pair share

  • Think- about your answers to the questions for 1 minute.

  • Pair- with someone sitting next to you and talk about your answers for 2 minutes.

  • Share- with the rest of the class.

By the end of today we will be able to
By the end of today, we will be able to:

  • Define the words squalid, convivial, and poignant and use them in a sentence by participating in class discussions, note taking, and activity.

  • Analyze a section of text looking for content, comprehension, and deeper meaning by participating in a think-aloud and annotation activity.

Vocab notes 2 10 2014
Vocab: Notes! 2/10/2014

  • Write the words and definitions of the three words we will be learning today as I go over them.

  • You will need them for future activities!


  • Squalid- an adjective that means something is gross and disgusting, it lacks care and cleanliness, or is dirty and neglected.

Squalid sentences
Squalid: Sentences

  • The hoarder’s house was squalid, stacked from floor to ceiling with used paper and wet garbage.

  • The squalid child sat in a dumpster attempting to wipe the layers of dirt off his face with the palms of his soiled hands.

  • She turned her nose up at the squalid living conditions of the people living under the overpass.


  • Convivial-an adjective that means friendly and agreeable; festive; or describes someone who likes to party.

Convivial sentences
Convivial: Sentences

  • The party was convivial with all my friends, the loud music, the games, and the festive balloons.

  • She was convivial and never refused an invitation to a party

  • Gatsby seemed to be convivial because he threw a party every night but the truth was that he just wanted to get Daisy’s attention.


  • Poignant-an adjective that describes something that causes a deep emotional response either distressing or moving OR something that is mentally appealing.


  • The room felt as poignant as a funeral as we all stared at Julio’s new Army Uniform.

  • The book we’re reading in Mrs. Marshall’s class is very poignant because it makes us think.

  • It was very poignant when the boy apologized to his mother and changed his ways forever.

Think aloud and talking to the text
Think Aloud and Talking to the Text

  • Does anyone have a passage anywhere in the book they struggled with?

  • If not, we will begin with chapter 7.

  • Listen to my instructions very carefully!

    • Get out a piece of paper.

    • Fold it in half.

    • In the upper right hand corner, write the page number we are on.

    • When you come to any part that is confusing or reminds you of something, or gives you a thought, write it down under a new bullet. Mrs. Marshall will demonstrate.

At the end of chapter 7 answer the following questions
At the End of Chapter 7 Answer the following Questions.

  • What was the big idea of this chapter?

  • Do you feel as though Zenobia is being fair? Why or why not? (1 paragraph)

  • Find 1 symbol from this chapter and state what it means.

  • Make a prediction: What will the events in this chapter do to Mattie and Ethan’s relationship?

  • If you finish early,

    • Review your vocab.

    • Read your outside reading book

    • Come talk to me about any questions you might have concerning your grade.