sectionalism following the war of 1812 n.
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Sectionalism Following the War of 1812 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sectionalism Following the War of 1812

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Sectionalism Following the War of 1812 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sectionalism Following the War of 1812.

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In the United States there have always been differences between different areas of the country. At times in our history these differences have caused major problems in how effective our national government can be because the states need two very different things. This issue was at its worst point just prior to the Civil War. This war is considered a conflict that had been brewing since the beginning of our nation.
what is sectionalism
What is Sectionalism?
  • Sectionalism is disagreements between different regions in the United States.
what regions
What regions?
  • North
  • South
  • West
what differences in these regions could lead to sectionalism
What differences in these regions could lead to sectionalism?
  • Slave ownership
  • Farming v. Manufacturing
  • Alliances – Britain v. France
  • Expanding our nation
  • Political parties
  • Number and size of towns and cities
  • Access to new goods and technologies
Sectionalism has caused the United States to compromise on many issues in the period following the American Revolution and the Civil War. The War of 1812 and the expansion of U.S. territory with the Louisiana Purchase had increased tensions between the 3 areas of our country.
limit discussion of slavery
Limit discussion of Slavery
  • Congress would limit discussion of slavery following the creation of 3/5 ths Compromise to prevent sectionalist attitudes from becoming too heated.
the missouri compromise
The Missouri Compromise
  • Missouri applied to enter the union as a slave state in 1819.
    • Currently the Union had 11 free states and 11 slave states causing congress to be equally divided on the issue of slavery
    • If Missouri was allowed to enter as a slave state it would give slave states and advantage in congress
The Compromise
    • Missouri would enter the union as a slave state
    • Maine would join the union as a free state (keeps numbers equal)
    • Slavery would be prohibited in a new territories or states formed north of the 36030’ latitude – Southern border of Missouri