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What Are We Covering Today?

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What Are We Covering Today? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SUNYIT Accepted Students Day Mock Class Chris Urban Chairman Department of Computer and Information Sciences. What Are We Covering Today?. Welcome Technology and Your Future The "Flat World" in Which We Live Tips to Succeed in College Open Source (Free) Software Ask Questions Anytime.

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What Are We Covering Today?

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SUNYIT Accepted Students DayMock ClassChris UrbanChairmanDepartment of Computer and Information Sciences

what are we covering today
What Are We Covering Today?


Technology and Your Future

The "Flat World" in Which We Live

Tips to Succeed in College

Open Source (Free) Software

Ask Questions Anytime

technology and your future
Technology and Your Future

"The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential."- Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

technology and your future1
Technology and Your Future
  • "… everything we called the 'IT revolution' over these past 20 years was just the warm-up act. It was just the sharpening and distribution of the tools of horizontal collaboration. Now you are going to see the real IT revolution."

- Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP

technology and your future2
Technology and Your Future

Regardless of your interests,

technology is going to be hugely important.

syfy technology innovation
"SyFy" Technology Innovation

What will your cellphone

be like in the future as a result of nanotechnology?

mundane technology innovation
"Mundane" Technology Innovation
  • A young girl has become the first swimmer in the U.K. saved from drowning by a computerized pool-monitoring system.
  • A Poseidon monitoring system installed in the pool registered that a swimmer was in distress because she was at the bottom of the pool and not moving, and within three seconds sounded the alarm to the lifeguard on duty who pulled the girl out of the water.
  • The girl was resuscitated and taken to a hospital, where she recovered. Less than 40 seconds elapsed from the system alert of the potential drowning to the victim being pulled from the pool.
  • A non-technology person was the inspiration for Poseidon

technology has made the world flat
Technology Has Made the World Flat
  • Thomas L. Friedman
    • Author of “The World is Flat, A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century”
    • Foreign affairs columnist for NY Times
  • The Flat World Defined
    • Global, web-enabled platform
    • Multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work
    • Irrespective of time, distance, geography and increasingly, language

"The global economic playing field is being leveled."

the three great eras of globalization
The Three Great Eras of Globalization
  • 1492 – 1820 Globalization 1.0
    • Exploration and colonization drive success
    • Countries think globally to thrive
  • 1820 – 2000 Globalization 2.0
    • Collaboration between international companies
    • Companies must think globally to survive
  • 2000 – Present Globalization 3.0
    • Individuals and small groups globalize
    • Driven by diverse group comprised of all nationalities
everyday examples
Everyday Examples
  • Jet Blue Reservation System
    • Retirees and housewives take airplane reservations from their homes
  • McDonald’s Call Center
    • Drive-thru customers across the country give their order to a worker in Colorado Springs
  • Indian Technicians and Engineers
    • Read X-rays, write software, provide administrative support to US companies from Bangalore
  • Chinese Workers and Technicians
    • Japanese speaking Chinese workers provide backroom support to Japanese companies
the 10 world flatteners
The 10 World Flatteners


  • 11/9/1989: Berlin Wall came down
    • Worldwide balance of power shifted to free markets
    • Each outbreak of freedom stimulated another outbreak
  • 8/9/1995: Netscape IPO
    • Sparked the dot com boom and over-investment in fiber optic cable (connected the world)
    • Dot com bust made cost of using fiber optic cable virtually free
    • First commercial browser, invigorated internet use


the 10 world flatteners1
The 10 World Flatteners


  • Workflow Software Developed
    • Software and standards developed that allow people to work together
    • Created a global platform that enabled collaboration
  • Open-Sourcing
    • Self-organizing collaborative communities
    • Free code written by individuals and shared openly
    • Peer review provides rewarding gratification


the 10 world flatteners2
The 10 World Flatteners


  • Out-Sourcing
    • Any service, call center, business support operation, or knowledge work that can be digitized can be sourced globally
    • Opportunity to seek cheapest, smartest, most efficient providers
    • Invigorated by Y2K computer date crisis (India)
  • Off-Shoring
    • Companies move entire factory or operation offshore to foreign country
    • Same product produces in same way with cheaper labor, lower taxes, etc.
    • Invigorated by China joining the World Trade Organization (Dec 2001)


the 10 world flatteners3
The 10 World Flatteners


  • Supply-Chaining
    • Wal-Mart pioneered global supply chain efficiency
    • Wal-Mart trucks deliver products to stores, pick up goods from manufacturer on return to distribution center
    • An item is purchased in Wichita, KS and another one is instantly produced in Beijing
    • Prediction of hurricane causes specialized products to be shipped to affected stores (Pop Tarts, toys, beer)
the 10 world flatteners4
The 10 World Flatteners


  • In-Sourcing
    • Logistics giants take control of customer supply chains
    • UPS provides internal logistics support for other companies
    • Toshiba laptops sent directly to UPS where a UPS employee repairs it and return ships to customer
the 10 world flatteners5
The 10 World Flatteners
  • Informing
    • Search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) provide universal access to information
    • Individuals empowered to find information
  • Steroids
    • Wireless, VoIP, file sharing that enhance the collaboration tools
    • Digital, mobile, virtual and personal technologies explode



impact on jobs
Impact on Jobs
  • Three types of jobs in current market
    • Fungible Jobs
      • Repetitive and skill-based work
      • Easily digitized and not tied to a location
      • Easily outsourced
    • Anchored Jobs
      • Must be performed in a particular location
    • Value-add Jobs
      • Require specialized skills and knowledge
      • Knowledge must be across a number of disciplines and deep

The individual worker is responsible for managing

his or her own career, risks, and economic security

help wanted ads in a flat world
Help Wanted Ads in a Flat World
  • Great Collaborators and Orchestrators
    • Collaborating within and between companies
    • Managers who can work in 24/7 supply chains
  • Great Synthesizers
    • Putting disparate and unusual things together
    • Example: Search engines require mathematicians and marketing experts
  • Great Explainers
    • Ability to explain complex concepts with simplicity
  • Great Leveragers
    • Optimizing the interface between people and machines
help wanted ads in a flat world1
Help Wanted Ads in a Flat World
  • The Great Adapters
    • Employees must be adaptable and versatile
      • Specialists have deep skills and narrow scope
      • Generalists have shallow skills and broad scope
      • Versatilists apply depth of skill to widening scope through constant learning and growing
  • The Green People
    • Industry of creating renewable energies and environmentally sustainable systems will grow
    • Three-billion people in China, India, and former Soviet Empire are joining the flat-world – will create more demand for energy and products
  • The Great Localizers
    • Local businesses will still drive majority of jobs
    • Successful people will understand global infrastructure and adapt to local needs and demands
tips to succeed in college
Tips to Succeed in College
  • Balance
  • Time Management Skills
  • Study Skills
tips to succeed in college1
Tips to Succeed in College
  • Useful links:

know the college catalog
KNOW the College Catalog
  • A College Catalog is tremendously important
    • GREAT advantage to be familiar and knowledgeable of the catalog's contents
    • Holds academic requirements, policies, guidelines, descriptions, and details
    • Our Catalog is found at this link:

web pages supplement the catalog
Web Pages Supplement the Catalog
  • These pages supplement the Catalog
  • The following link provides you access to a wealth of information that is updated frequently… here is a link to our supplemental Web pages:

what do you need to graduate
What Do You Need to Graduate?
  • Generally:
    • satisfy all core requirements
    • satisfy all major/program requirements
    • attain a 2.0 GPA overall
    • attain a 2.0 GPA in "major" courses
    • attain required number of credits (120 or more… usually about 15 credits per semester)
typical semester schedule
Typical Semester Schedule
  • Jan 2: Spring payment due
  • Jan 21: CLASSES BEGIN (Tuesday)
  • Jan 28: Add/drop fees begin
  • Feb 3: Last day to add/register for classes
  • Feb 12: Last day to drop without academic record (W grade begins)
  • Apr 7: Withdrawal deadline (no more W grades)
  • May 3: Last day of classes (Saturday)
  • May 5: Final Exams begin (Monday)
  • May 8: Final Exams end (Thursday)
academic standing and course load
Academic Standing and Course Load
  • Official entrance into a program is called “matriculation”
  • Full-time course load is usually 12 credits
    • Dropping below may jeopardize financial aid and health coverage under parents policy
    • Consider starting the semester with 16 or 18 credits… then if you have to drop a course, you’re still OK
    • Taking over 18 credits is considered an overload
      • Overload requires permission – depends mostly on your GPA
student handbook
Student Handbook
  • Academic and Conduct Polices
    • Another tremendously important resource… like the Catalog
    • GREAT advantage to be familiar and knowledgeable of the Student Handbook's contents
    • Let's take a look at the Table of Contents
    • Our Handbook is found at this link:

  • It is to your advantage to meet with your advisor each semester
    • Plan your next semester
    • Make sure you’re signing up for the right courses
    • Make sure you’re not signing up for the wrong courses (that don’t apply to degree requirements)
    • NOTE: Final responsibility rests with the student to assure that all degree program requirements are satisfied for graduation.
  • Common errors when skipping advisement:
    • Taking courses that you don’t need
    • Miss taking a required course that’s offered only once per year
    • Unable to finish your degree when you think you will… advisement is crucial as you enter your senior year!
what is proprietary software
What is Proprietary Software?
  • Software (application or programs) for which you have to pay money.
  • The Proprietor (creator or maker) usually places significant restrictions on their software… these restrictions govern usage, copying, and changing the software.
what is open source software
What is Open Source Software?
  • In general, any software (application or program) for which its source code (what makes it work) is made available for use or modification by users or anyone else for any reason.
  • Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available.
free software
Free Software?
  • Yes Open Source Software is free:
    • To Download
    • To copy and give away
    • To use on as many computers as you want
    • To use on most Operating Systems like Windows and Mac
more examples
More Examples
  • Linux
  • Open Office
  • Thunderbird
  • Audacity
  • Firefox/Mozilla
  • Gimp
  • Tux Paint
  • Filezilla
  • Dia
  • InfraRecorder
  • Tab browsing
  • Addition of “tool bars”
  • Add-ons for websites
  • High level of customization
  • Sister product of Firefox with similar features (add-ons, etc)
  • Easy all in one
    • Browser
    • Email
    • Web page composer
    • Chat
  • Free
  • Professional image software is very expensive
  • Lots of nice functionality
  • Low learning curve
  • Free
tux paint
Tux Paint
  • Fun and easy for kids of all ages
  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Can use in various languages
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Free
let s compare
Let's Compare

Microsoft Office


microsoft office vs open office
Microsoft Office vs. Open Office
  • Open Office’s looks similar to Office 2013.
  • You can open/edit/save Microsoft documents/spreadsheets/ database tables/Web pages/presentations with Open Office.
  • Open Office does not have all the features of Microsoft Office.
    • However, I believe it will easily satisfy 99% of MS Users
  • is free and Microsoft Office is definitely not free.
compare the suites programs










Compare The Suites (Programs)
things to consider
Things to Consider
  • Some open source software requires higher level tech skills
  • You may need to deal with "patches"
  • Not guaranteed tech support
  • Firefox/Mozilla
  • GIMP
  • Tux Paint
  • Open Office
  • http://filezilla.sourceforge.netFilezilla
  • Open source/ Linux
  • Opens Source Webdesign
  • Free Software Magazine
  • http://www.openclipart.orgOpen Clipart
more links
More Links
  • http://www.opensourcewindows.orgLinks to tons of open source software
  • http://www.osalt.comMore links to open source software
  • http://www.opensource.orgInfo about the open source movement
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Malware
  • http://www.lavasoft.comAnti-Malware
  • http://www.piriform.comWindows Cleaner
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