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The Chang Family

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The Chang Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Chang Family. Presented B y: Celeste Mazuela , Jose Chang, Jairo Laverde , Jessica Campos, and Alexandra Caballero. Meet the father.

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The Chang Family

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    1. The Chang Family Presented By: Celeste Mazuela, Jose Chang, JairoLaverde, Jessica Campos, and Alexandra Caballero

    2. Meet the father • Hi I’m Jose Chang the head of household. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a computer engineer and I work for Telemundo I have a beautiful family of five

    3. Meet the mother • Hello my name is Celeste and I am the mom of the family. • I was born in Santiago, Chile and raised in Miami, Fl. • I am 34 years old. • I have my bachelors degree in ultrasound technician. • I graduated from MDCC in the fall of 2004 • I started my career in 2005 and work for South Florida Prenatal. • I am a proud mother of three and have a loving and supporting husband

    4. How our family started This is where it all started. We met in 1996 during one of our high school pep rallies. We became friends and started creating a special bond with one another .

    5. He Popped the question

    6. Our unity as the Chang Family We married in October 7, 1998. Our wedding was with our closest family and friends.

    7. Our honeymoon This beautiful resort in Machu-pichu It was a

    8. We both attended MDCC And graduated with our Bachelors degree Computer programming Ultrasound Technician

    9. The career in computer programming consists of:

    10. The career in ultrasound technician consists of An Ultrasound technician uses equipment to diagnose internal problems within the bodies’ organs, nervous system, digestive system, blood vessels, tumors, eyes and tissues that cannot be seen with our own eyes. Ultrasounds technology allows physicians and doctors to safely capture detailed images of the body not using radio graphic technology, or x rays.

    11. September 5th 1999 My name is Jairo Chang I am 12 years old I attend middle school and I am in the 6th grade. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite artist is Justin Bieber.

    12. Howard Doolin Middle is where I go to school

    13. I play basketball after school

    14. February 14th 2005 Jessica was born My name is Jessica Chang and I am 7 years old and in the 1st grade I drive my parents crazy once in a while. When I grow up I want to be a ballerina my favorite color is purple and I like to dance to Hannah Montana.

    15. Bowman Ashe Elementary is the school I go to

    16. The activities I do afterschool are Ballet Dancing Proballet My friends and I in ballet class.

    17. Time to buy a house for our growing family Our family was growing fast and we needed to move somewhere where we were all more comfortable. We bought our home in west Kendall, Florida to stay around the school district our kids were already attending. Purchase price was $230k and it was a 4and 3 ½

    18. August 7th 2009 Alexandra was born I love to watch Dora the explorer and princesses movies and eat snacks. I go to daycare while my parent go to work. There I learn how to color and take naps until my parents pick me up