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Green Urban Transport Sustainable Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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Green Urban Transport Sustainable Initiative

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Green Urban Transport Sustainable Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green Urban Transport Sustainable Initiative. Viable EV operations in London . …that runs reliably… …at exactly the right time… …from almost outside your house… …to almost outside your office… …that is faster than your car… …guarantees you a seat… …in first class comfort…

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Green Urban Transport Sustainable Initiative

Viable EV operations in London

imagine a city commuting choice
…that runs reliably…

…at exactly the right time…

…from almost outside your house…

…to almost outside your office…

…that is faster than your car…

…guarantees you a seat…

…in first class comfort…

…for less than a tube fare!

GUTSi combines sustainability with competitive advantage

Imagine a City Commuting Choice…
a viable zero emission urban transport initiative
Zero Emission Electric Express Commuting is Available Now

is Simple

Intelligently collectivised habitual travel

Cleanest possible vehicles

Extraordinary environmental & cost efficiencies

Unique added value services

GUTSi combines sustainability with competitive advantage

a viable zero emission urban transport initiative
zero emission express urban mass transport initiative
combines sustainability with competitive advantage, providing advantages for:

BusinessesBrand equity, savings and profit increases

PassengersFast, affordable, reliable, first class commuting

EnvironmentReal reductions in energy & noise, zero carbon dioxide & zero toxic emissions – tackling both air pollution and climate change

zero emission  express  urban mass transport initiative

the unique first class zero designed for business
The Unique First Class ZerO designed for business

The GUTSi ZerO is based on a Smith Edison. 40/51 Kwhr lithium battery with fast charging - full recharge in 4 hours. Range 120 miles per day in Central London leaving the depot at 0500 and returning at 0030.

Design brief was to make interior feel like an ‘executive jet’

  • Spacious First Class interior
  • 9 comfortable individual large leather seats
  • Air-conditioned, quiet, relaxed & clean cabin atmosphere
  • Free Wi-Fi and use of net books
  • Tables and 12/240v power outlets
  • Digital TV /DVD with individual streaming of audio channels

booking is easily self managed online it s very simple
booking is easily self managed’s very simple

For simplicity GUTSi commuting is self managed by employees

  • Companies offer GUTSi commuting to staff
  • Employees register at with company ID code and their commuting details
  • We validate employees using a secure automated process minimising administration (manual process available at employer request)
  • Authorisation is granted by our secure server and employees can start to using any GUTSi services (employers can limit available services)
  • Staff travel preferences are stored and we periodically re-run the optimisation process, tailoring to individual requirements
  • If no service suits immediately we log details of their commute and start to intelligently collectivise them with others and notify them when a service becomes available
  • Web or PDA trip changes are quick and easy

To encourage commuters to cancel seats during holiday/planned trips we have negotiated ‘as good as cash’ vouchers of a higher value than the net ‘fare’ with high quality retailers local to commuters

Special requirements of employees/companies can easily be incorporated with a simple phone call to our helpful staff

Establish passenger locations and commuting behaviour including required time of arrival, regular destinations, current means of travel and value placed on time / cost / comfort / reliability

Model the most effective bus route and departure schedule to comprehensively meet the needs of selected staff

Commuter service

Company destination

Employee residence

Shuttle service

Simple online registration allows route analysis to establish passenger densities and decide service frequency for commuters. Site to site shuttle journeys during the day also provide economic and environmental benefits

Route analysis can solve for:

Passenger distance to pick up point

Distance to destination / journey time

Number of stops

Number of buses


GUTSi costs very little but has great value…

Net cost per employee per seat = sub £ 4

Value of taxi = probably over £20

Value of time = probably over £50

Total value = probably over £70

To City institutions these numbers are attractive – probably a good ROI.

The environmental and brand equity benefits come for free!

GUTSi no risk, nothing to lose & everything to gain


keeping it simple
The offer is simple…

Real, accessible & quantifiable economic benefits which come simply...

by offering a most valued perk that you don’t even have to pay for while...

achieving real carbon dioxide and toxic emission reductions.

For companies there is no risk, nothing to lose & everything to gain

keeping it simple

has unbeatable environmental credentials
Ultra Low Energy usage

GUTSi uses just 5% of the energy of a sole occupancy taxi and less than any other mechanised transport mode including the tube.

Zero Carbon dioxide GUTSi produces no CO2 at all. We power the vehicles sustainably making a real contribution to reducing greenhouse gasses.

Zero Toxic emissions

GUTSi produces Zero toxic emissions tackling the critical air quality issue in London which has a high economic and human cost to the capital.

Silent running GUTSi is very quiet, leading to a more peaceful city centre . Quieter roads encourage walking and cycling

Congestion Direct flexible express routes = minimal time on the road . No-stop services = free flow of traffic. Modal shift from cars = less vehicles

has unbeatable environmental credentials

GUTSi provides fast, reliable and comfortable means of traveling, at a low cost which is easily repaid in “productive time”

Note: Based on a 7 mile journey from Fulham to EC3 paid for 100% by the employeein the 50% tax bracket. Bus waiting time based on 08/09 data. Green cells in the body of the table are the best in each section.