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writepointsm writing comparison plagiarism review n.
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WritePointSM Writing Comparison Plagiarism Review PowerPoint Presentation
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WritePointSM Writing Comparison Plagiarism Review

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WritePointSM Writing Comparison Plagiarism Review
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WritePointSM Writing Comparison Plagiarism Review

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  1. WritePointSMWriting ComparisonPlagiarism Review Presented by Randall Harris, Dirk Hart, Wynell King Group Project, FACD702

  2. Prior to WP Group 5 Final Product Expectation Group 5, Dirk Hart, Randall Harris and Wynell King are collaborating to present a tool used by the University of Phoenix for writing and grammar improvement. In early discussions among the class, it was noted that both Dirk and Randall were paying attention and interested in some notes posted by Wynell regarding a tool known as Write Point. Students should use this tool prior to submitting assignments for a grade. It is very unfortunate, that students do not take advantage of this wonderful tool. Group 5 hopes to provide the rest of the class with a very brief presentation and explanation of WritePoint and how students use this tool to improve assignments. ‘Software Tools at a Writer’s Fingertips’ is an appropriate title and eye-catcher to bring attention to the presentation. WritePoint is a specific tool built for the University of Phoenix and not available to other campuses or students. However, other tools exist online for this same purpose. Demonstrating this tool should enable others to understand technology and is available for reviewing assignments prior to submitting for a grade. Three original posts will provide a brief history of WritePoint. The first blog will include a history, implementation, overall use, advantages and disadvantages of the tool. The second blog will provide a very brief training presentation of how to use the tool and provide examples of before and after writing. Finally, the last blog will provide comments on how students are using the tool and how they feel about the tool. Group Five hopes to show the rest of the class new tools technology is providing to students and writers. Many software tools are available to the most basic writer and WritePoint is one of these tools. WritePoint is also available for the advanced student preparing for a dissertation. This tool can also help writers with business writing and personal letters. Students should take a few extra minutes to use WritePoint or similar tools prior to submitting assignments. By doing so, students can significantly improve their grades and be a more successful student.

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