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Objective 3 January 2012. Review classroom procedures. Intro. List as many of the classroom rules and procedures as you can remember. Classroom Procedures. Ms. Foltin Earth Science Room 723. Supplies. Notebook Pencil Agenda Brain Glue or tape.

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Objective 3 January 2012

Review classroom procedures.


  • List as many of the classroom rules and procedures as you can remember.
classroom procedures

Classroom Procedures

Ms. Foltin

Earth Science

Room 723

  • Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Agenda
  • Brain
  • Glue or tape
  • What do you need everyday in science class?
  • What other supply would also help you in science class?
7 th grade academy
7th Grade Academy
  • One-way Hallway
    • Enter via doors by Mr. Tanneberg’s room
    • Exit via doors by Mrs. Graham’s room
  • Lockers
    • Do not give ANYONE your combination
  • Dress-Code
    • Must always be in appropriate attire
  • Which way are you suppose to walk in the hallway?
  • What should you never do with your locker combo?
  • How must you be dressed everyday for school?

No Holes! No Sagging!


No Holes! No Sagging!


No hoods of any kind!!!

no hoodies

No hoods of any kind!!!

no bags

Ladies… No large purses. Purse should not be big enough to hold a notebook.

Until you receive a locker all book bags will be stored UNDER you desk at ALL times

standard student attire
  • Shorts, Skirts, and Skorts
    • navy, tan, or white
    • fingertip length
  • Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Vests
    • Over collared shirts
    • NO hoodies
  • Jackets and Coats
    • Not allowed in classrooms
  • If you violate the dress code you will be sent to the Dean’s office with a Dress Code Violation slip and you cannot return to class until they have signed it.
  • Shoes
    • soles
    • NO flip/flops, shower shoes, or slippers
  • Shirts
    • any solid navy, white or tan color
    • Collared
    • Long sleeved shirts UNDER collared shirt
  • Pants
    • navy, tan, or blue jeans
    • NO torn jeans/athletic pants
your team
    • You
    • Parent/Guardian
    • Teacher
  • Could also include:
    • Guidance Counselor
    • Dean
    • Nurse
    • Other Teachers
    • Family
    • Friends
  • Who are the three main people on your educational team?
  • Who else is on your team?
classroom rules
Classroom Rules
  • Respect your Teacher
  • Respect your Peers
  • Respect your Self
  • Respect your Environment
  • Respect: Sense of worth of a person
  • Just remember the Golden Rule:
    • Treat others the way YOU want to be treated.
  • What are the four main rules of the classroom?
  • What does respect mean?
  • What is the Golden Rule?
classroom consequences
Classroom Consequences
  • Breaking any classroom rule will result in one or all of the following:
    • Warning
    • In-Class Alternate Assignment
    • Time-out
      • Positive Behavior Reflection
    • Guidance Referral
    • Dean’s Referral
    • After-school detentions
  • What are some consequences when you break the classroom rules?
reward the raffle
Reward – The RAFFLE
  • How to earn tickets:
    • Good behavior
    • Helpful to the teacher or other students
    • Good grades on projects, labs, or quizzes:
      • A+= 3 tickets
      • A = 2 tickets
      • B = 1 ticket
  • Raffle at the end of the month, where up to ten students can win prizes such as:
    • Candy/Pencils/Pens/Erasers etc.
    • Mystery Cards
    • Shoot for the Hoop
  • How do you earn tickets?
  • What can you win in the raffle?
grading system
Grading System
  • I use a points system where every assignment is worth a certain amount of points.
    • Classwork/Homework = 10pts.
    • Quizzes = 10 – 25pts.
    • Projects = 20 – 60pts.
    • Labs = 30 – 75pts.
  • You are trying to earn as many points as possible.
  • What type of assessment affects your grade the most in science class?
entering the classroom
Entering the Classroom
  • Enter respectfully and quietly
  • Write down HW in Agenda
    • No Homework? Write down ‘None’
  • Work on Intro quietly
  • Check Missing Assignments
  • How are you suppose to enter the classroom?
  • What is the first thing you should do when you enter the classroom?
  • Once you write your HW in your agenda, what should you do next?
  • When the bell stops ringing.
  • If you are late, then you must go to the Dean’s office and receive a Tardy Lock Out Slip.
    • You will not be let back in until a pass has been given to you.
  • When are you considered late?
  • What do you do if you are late?
pencil sharpening
Pencil Sharpening
  • In the beginning of class.
  • Raise your hand and ask.
  • When can you sharpen pencils without asking?
  • Once class starts, what is the correct procedure to sharpen your pencil?
  • Beginning of class
  • She will say “Good morning/afternoon class.”
  • “Good morning/afternoon Ms. Foltin.”
  • Shows respect and manners
  • When is attendance taken?
  • How do you know when Ms. Foltin is ready to begin class?
  • What is the proper response?
  • Why do we say this?
  • Cornell Style Notes
  • What format or style are notes to be written in?
cornell notes
Cornell Notes


Main Idea






Cornell-Style Notes

  • Left portion of page
    • Questions
    • Main ideas
    • Vocabulary
  • Right portion of page
    • Answers to the question
    • Description of topic
    • Definition of vocabulary
  • Bottom of page
    • Summary
  • 0 = no talking
  • 1 = whispering
  • 2 = quiet voice
  • During presentations
  • Shout or yell
  • When the lesson begins, what is our voice level?
  • When working in groups, what voice level are we at?
  • When do we use voice level 3?
  • What do we never do when communicating in the classroom?
  • The teacher…NOT the bell
  • Clean room
  • Quiet
  • In your seat
  • No
  • Exit door ONLY
  • Who or what dismisses you?
  • What are the three requirements for dismissal?
  • Will late passes be given if you cannot fulfill the requirements?
  • Which way do we exit the classroom?
student board
Student Board
  • Monday & Tuesday
  • Wednesday - Friday
  • When are grades posted?
  • When are Missing Assignments posted?
missing assignments
Missing Assignments
  • You did not hand in a lab, project, HW or quiz.
  • Friday
  • Why would your name be on the missing assignments?
  • When are Missing assignments due?
  • Check the folders in the back for notes and assignments that you missed.
  • Ask the teacher.
  • What is the first thing you do when you return from an absence?
  • When you’re still unsure about what you missed, what do you do?
  • Work diligently and silently
  • Automatic after school detention
  • What should you do when there is a substitute or other guest teacher in the classroom?
  • What happens if your name is written down by a substitute?
fire drill
Fire Drill
  • Boy & Girl Line
  • Exit door
  • Back of 7th grade hallway
  • As soon as we exit the school
  • Again, when we reach the back field.
  • How do we line up for a fire drill?
  • Which door do we exit the classroom?
  • Which door do we exit the school?
  • When is attendance taken?

If I see it or hear it, I take it.

  • What are considered distracting electronics and never allowed in science class?
  • Where do you pick up confiscated electronics?
  • Who picks up confiscated electronics?
  • Cell phones
  • iPods
  • Anything else not considered educational
  • Dean’s office
  • Parents/Guardians
  • When do I offer extra help?
  • Do I give extra credit?
  • Mornings and afternoons any day
  • Just ask
  • Rarely and spontaneously

Why would I give extra work, if you can’t do the work that’s already given?

  • Search: Foltin
  • What’s my website so you can check HW and get PowerPoints?
  • What is my e-mail address so you can contact me with questions or concerns?

Objective 3 January 2012

Review classroom procedures.


What topic in Earth Science that we learned so far, was your favorite?