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Subject 4 Daily Activity Recognition for Elderly Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Subject 4 Daily Activity Recognition for Elderly Care

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Subject 4 Daily Activity Recognition for Elderly Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud Service for Elderly Care. Subject 4 Daily Activity Recognition for Elderly Care. 傅立成 教授 郭 斯 彥 教授. Outline. Introduction Technical Components Scenario. 2. Objectives. Three goals of cloud-based platform Integrate various resources of elderly care.

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Presentation Transcript

Cloud Service for Elderly Care

Subject 4

Daily Activity Recognition for Elderly Care

傅立成 教授 郭斯彥 教授

  • Introduction
  • Technical Components
  • Scenario


  • Three goals of cloud-based platform
    • Integrate various resources of elderly care.
    • Provide necessary care services and information to elders, care-givers and researchers.
    • Provide extensible service provision interface to extend our service


technical components

Inference Engine


ADL Data Mining


Cloud Services

Healthcare Platform

Cloud Database

Service Expansion


Technical Components

(5)Healthcare Platform Service

(4)ADL Data Mining Platform

(3)Inference Engine Improvement

(2)Cloud Middleware

Cloud Middleware(Live E!、API)

Activity Recognition


(1)Data Collection


data collection 1 5
Data Collection (1/5)
  • WSN
    • Indoor Temperature, Humidity
    • Outdoor Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall
    • Heartbeat, Systolic, Diastolic
  • User Feedback
    • Excretion frequency
    • Quality of sleep
    • Pain index
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Read
  • Watch TV
  • Prepare Food
  • Drink
  • Go out & Go home
  • Sleep
  • Clean


cloud middleware 2 5

Live E! Data

Transfer Platform

or sensor data

Cloud Database

Cloud Middleware(2/5)
  • Live E! protocol
  • Developed by The University of Tokyo
  • IEEE 1888
  • API for cloud data center
  • Design a highly reliable middleware to access cloud databases.
  • The high flexibility feature of cloud facilitates dynamic adjustment of servicesand the receiving of useful information.

Cloud Middleware


inference engine adjustment 3 5

Active Recognition


ADL Database


Home Service

Inference Engine Adjustment(3/5)
  • Use self-developed cloud MREM algorithm to adapt home-side activity recognition model to context change dynamically.

Cloud Collaborative Mode Mining Service

Model Update

Cloud Model

Update Service

Activities Data

MREM: MapReduce-Assisted EM


adl data mining platform 4 5
ADL Data Mining Platform(4/5)
  • Objectives
    • Mine useful caring knowledge from collected data
    • Serve as a readily accessible web service.
  • Possible combining applications
    • Chronic diseases alerting system
    • Other possibilities.
  • Properties:
    • Large-scale MapReduce enabled data mining.
    • Directly connection with the healthcare platform
      • Mining result may directly return to the healthcare platform.
    • Automatic medical advices generation.


Cloud Database

Data Mining Platform


Cloud Middleware

Other Information

healthcare platform service 5 5

Attention XML


Elderly Information

Caring Record

Healthcare Platform Service(5/5)
  • Provide current information
    • body measurement, activity of daily living (ADL), and doctor prescription
    • To elderly and their families, and medical institutes.
  • Support Caring record for medical staff to better understand elderly people from long-term health status.
  • Explore potential applicative possibility through caring records analysis
    • Data mining related applications
  • Enhance social involvement of elderly people through Facebook application
    • Automatic sentence analysis and generation