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Agricultural Careers Extension Specialist PowerPoint Presentation
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Agricultural Careers Extension Specialist

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Agricultural Careers Extension Specialist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agricultural Careers Extension Specialist. Dr. Frank Flanders and Anna Burgess Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office Georgia Department of Education March 2006. Job Duties & Responsibilities.

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Agricultural Careers

Extension Specialist

Dr. Frank Flanders and Anna Burgess

Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office

Georgia Department of Education

March 2006


Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Instruct extension workers and develop specialized service activities in the area of agriculture consumer information
  • Plan, develop, organize, and evaluate training programs
  • Deliver lectures to commercial and community organizations and over radio and television promoting the development of agricultural or domestic skills
  • Analyze research data and plan activities to coordinate services with those offered by other departments, agencies, and organizations
  • Conduct workshops for groups such as dairy farmers, grain producers, and beef, poultry or swine producers
  • Coordinate programs for youth through 4-H
  • Determine program needs by monitoring
  • trends and issues
  • Conduct research in specialization area

Work Environment

  • Approximately 70% of work is indoors and 30% is outdoors with some travel to state wide meetings, most of the work is office based
  • Work extensively with others
  • Work week is usually 40 hours
  • Working conditions are fairly comfortable unless visiting a farm or outdoor facility where weather might be unpleasant


  • Salaries of Extension specialists vary greatly, generally being based on years of experience, highest degree earned, and their skills in a specialty area
  • The salary for an extension specialist is in the range of $30,000-$70,000 per year

Qualities and Skills

  • Working well with adults and students is very important to building up good relationships with the local community members and students
  • An extension specialist needs to be able to plan and implement programs and interpret research from colleges and universities
  • Good communication and public relations skills are a must
  • One should be logical as well as open minded to new methods, teachings and possess good problem-solving skills


  • Have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in a relevant discipline with a Doctoral Degree preferred

Other Careers You Might Want to Explore

  • Agricultural Education Teacher
  • Cooperative Extension Agent
  • Consulting Forester
  • Crop Consultant

Career Resources

National Association of Extension 4-H Agents


Epsilon Sigma Phi


National Association of County Agricultural Agents


Joint Council of Extension Professionals