updating the syntax of pan template files n.
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Updating the Syntax of PAN Template Files PowerPoint Presentation
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Updating the Syntax of PAN Template Files

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Updating the Syntax of PAN Template Files - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Updating the Syntax of PAN Template Files. Rebecca Pankow Supervisor: Veronique Lefebure CERN Summer Student Program 2010. Introduction.

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updating the syntax of pan template files

Updating the Syntax ofPAN Template Files

Rebecca Pankow

Supervisor: Veronique Lefebure

CERN Summer Student Program 2010


The CF-ASI section provides infrastructure and support for the QUATTOR framework used for installing, configuring and managing the 8000 machines of the computer center.

PAN is a functional programming language that translates a high-level site configuration written by a system administrator in the pan configuration language to a machine-readable representation.


object template hello;

'/message' = 'hello';

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<nlist format="pan" name="profile">

<string name="message">hello</string>



object template nfsserver.example.org; '/hardware/location/rack' = 'IBM04'; '/hardware/location/slot' = 25; '/hardware/ram' = 2048; '/hardware/cpu/model' = 'Intel Xeon'; '/hardware/cpu/speed' = 2.5; '/hardware/cpu/arch' = 'x86_64'; '/hardware/cpu/cores' = 4; '/hardware/cpu/number' = 2;

project details
Project Details
  • An upcoming release of the PAN compiler used by QUATTOR changes the PAN programming language syntax
  • This requires an update of 30,000 pre-existing PAN configuration files.
  • Need to search for the following within each file and make appropriate change:
    • include x;  include { ‘x’ };
    • type “x” = …  bind “x” = …
updating the syntax
Updating the Syntax
  • Originally tried to update the syntax by parsing the files (faster to run)
  • Final solution uses regular expressions for more flexibility (slower to run)

if ($curr_line =~ /^\s*include\s+([\w\/-]+)\s*;/) {

$add_line = "include {'$1'};\n";

} elsif ($curr_line =~ /^\s*type\s+["']([\w\/-]+)["']\s*=\s*([\w\/-]+)\s*;/) {

$add_line = "bind '$1' = $2;\n";


verifying solution correctness
Verifying Solution Correctness
  • The code in each template file generates an XML file
  • If the regular expressions are correct, there should be no difference between the XML files generated by the updated template files and the XML files generated by the original template files
verifying solution correctness1
Verifying Solution Correctness
  • Wrote a small script to loop through all the files and run a diff between the original XML files and the XML files generated by the updated template files
  • Updated template files now generate identical XML files as compared to the original XML files
swrep soap client archive
swrep-soap-client archive
  • The swrep-soap-client should have a way to tell whether or not a rpm is archived
  • Accomplished by using a predefined function to identify whether an rpm is archived or not
  • Appended information on archived status to output of command
uploading rpms to all platforms
Uploading rpms to all platforms
  • Allow users to upload a particular RPM to all known platforms inside SWrep, without having to extract them via "listplatforms" and then manually specifying them on the command line
  • Client code modified by getting the list of all platforms available and looping the uploading code through the list
extracting correct substring from differently formatted strings
Extracting correct substring from differently formatted strings
  • Two different servers return different strings when the following command is called:

temp=`cat $TMPFILE | grep URL | head -1 | cut "-d " -f5 | cut '-d"' -f2`

  • Error due to different string formats in $TMPFILE
  • Format for lxplus :
    • 2010-06-22 18:03:34 URL:https://apex.cern.ch:443/pls/htmldb_itcore/f?p=116:203:6844064748542101::::P203_ID:1005 [23443] -> "f?p=116:203:6844064748542101::::P203_ID:1005.html“
    • Returns “->” (incorrect)
  • Format for lxadm :
    • 10:56:12 URL:https://apex.cern.ch:443/pls/htmldb_itcore/f?p=116:203:5808253488607197::::P203_ID:1002 [25146] -> "f?p=116:203:5808253488607197::::P203_ID:1002.html“
    • Returns “f?p=116:203:5808253488607197::::P203_ID:1002.html” (correct)
  • Solution: Change expression totemp= `cat $TMPFILE | grep URL | sed 's/^.*"f?p/f?p/' | sed 's/".*$//'`
automatic file deletion
Automatic file deletion
  • Add code that will automatically deleted selected files based on time stamp in file name:
  • Example file names:


automatic file deletion1
Automatic file deletion
  • deletecopy_filename="SDBofflinecopy-`date +%Y%m%d --date '2 month ago'`-`date +%H`*"old_copy="${full_path}/${deletecopy_filename}"rm -f $old_copy
  • If $full_path already has a '/' at the end then the line should be changed to:old_copy="${full_path}${deletecopy_filename}"
tpl viewer php
  • A php script used to generate links to template files does not work with certain template files
  • Example line from template file:
  • $line = "include { if (exists('customization/'+ELFMS_RESOURCE+'/'+ELFMS_PROJECT+'/'+ELFMS_CUSTOMIZATION+'/config')) 'customization/'+ELFMS_RESOURCE+'/'+ELFMS_PROJECT+'/'+ELFMS_CUSTOMIZATION+'/config' };";
  • Links are generated via regular expressions
  • Previous line does not correctly match any regular expressions in tpl_viewer.php
  • Regular expressions will need to be updated to correctly match all lines
  • Veronique Lefebure
  • Homer Neal
  • Jean Krisch
  • Jeremy Herr
  • CERN
  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Michigan