The fph e portfolio management system
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The FPH e-Portfolio management system. Russell Ampofo Head of Education and Training. Getting started. Ensure that you have an account set up Registrars enrolment Trainers inform FPH via TPD Ensure account is set up in good time. Getting started. Access rights.

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The fph e portfolio management system

The FPH e-Portfolio management system

Russell Ampofo

Head of Education and Training

Getting started
Getting started

  • Ensure that you have an account set up

    • Registrars enrolment

    • Trainers inform FPH via TPD

    • Ensure account is set up in good time

Access rights
Access rights

  • Registrar – add evidence, create assessments, responsibility for admin

  • TPD – can change ES for Registrars

  • ES – can view StR portfolio, sign off learning outcomes, create ES report

  • AS – create Academic supervisor reports


  • Association to Educational Supervisor and TPD

  • ARCP date is set up

  • Access to guidance manuals on website

  • E-portfolio Champion


  • Open channel of communication with Registrar

  • Familiarise yourself with basic functions of portfolio

  • If ES ensure you are associated to Registrar

Adding evidence
Adding evidence

  • Ensure that an Activity summary sheet is created

  • Different forms of evidence:

    • Reference

    • File

    • Web link

Description of scenario outbreak investigation
Description of Scenario: Outbreak investigation

Structure of how you think best recorded (in diagrammatic form)

If this evidence form is tagged as completed in phase 1, but LO4 is a phase 2 competency then LO4 will be lost?

Description of scenario doph re presentation cbd about hpu case
Description of Scenario: DOPH re presentation / CBD about HPU case

Structure of how you think best recorded (in diagrammatic form)

Can anyone suggest specific learning outcomes for giving presentations such that DOPHs related to presentation skills can be presented to an ARCP panel in phase 1?

Background and update
Background and update

  • Process / Development

  • What we have learnt

  • Next stages

The learning portfolio
The Learning Portfolio

  • Collation of training activity

    • Form Rs

    • Overview of projects undertaken

    • Record of assessments

    • Record of objectives set

    • Tracking progression

    • Identification of remediation

The e portfolio
The e-Portfolio

  • Electronic and online representation

  • Environment for multiple evidence

  • Project overview

  • Secure

  • Enables oversight

  • Does not replace face to face contact

Is it easy to replicate a paper system
Is it easy to replicate a paper system?

  • Live since May 2009

  • Learning along the way

    • Ensure a smooth (daily) data upload to the portfolio;

    • Educational Supervisor view

    • Associating Educational Supervisors – control to TPDs;

    • “Help” and “Hints and Tips” sections

Learning cont
Learning cont…

  • “shared evidence” section ;

  • file size expanded to 2MB;

  • Development of training materials and documentation;

  • Development of introductory “primer” videos

  • Establishment of an ePortfolio champions group

Immediate issues to solve
Immediate issues to solve

  • Developing functionality for the system to be used in ARCPs

  • Developing the TPD view of the portfolio

Further enhancements
Further enhancements

  • Redesigning the sign off of process of ASS;

  • Redesigning Activity Summary sheets;

  • Redesigning the Learning outcome signoff process;

  • Where appropriate, displaying full learning outcomes;

  • Registrars to select their Educational Supervisor;

  • Introduction of new document files to be maintained via “my details”;

  • Redesign of Logo;

  • Safe and secure migration

The fph e portfolio management system

  • Final stages of development

  • Communication plan

  • Draft guidance documentation

  • Familiarise ePortfolio champions

  • Familiarise TPDs

  • Launch!!!


  • Oversight by the Education Committee

  • Consultation

  • Links with other colleges


  • How much information is required for ASS?

  • How do you manage the number of emails?

  • Can you change submission if it has been rejected by supervisor?

  • Learning agreement – progress and tracking

Questions cont
Questions cont…

  • Online DOPH forms

  • Best way to get logins for project supervisors?

  • Academic Supervisors aren’t being properly catered for.