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  2. Fertilizer Frenzy • The Agriculture Education students at MU are discussing the most effective fertilizers. Half of the class thinks organic fertilizers will produce the fastest growth results. The other half believes inorganic fertilizers are more efficient for growth. To settle their differences, the class takes time to experiment with both types of fertilizers. • IDENTIFY THE IV AND DV.

  3. Pulse Predicament • Mark and Mary are interested in becoming nurses. They want to find out if boys and girls can have different resting pulse rates. Mark thinks boys may have a slower resting pulse rate. Mary thinks girls will. They decide to find volunteers to help them with an experiment. • IDENTIFY THE IV AND DV.

  4. Tree Party • Autumn and Summer are outside painting pictures of trees. They notice differences in the color of the leaves. Autumn thinks that temperature may cause leaves to change color. The girls work together to see if she is correct. • IDENTIFY THE IV AND DV.

  5. Morning Madness • Bailey does not like to get up in the mornings and never gets a chance to eat breakfast. Brittany loves to wake up early and never misses a meal. Bailey believes that not eating breakfast will not affect her performance in school. Brittany thinks if she misses breakfast her performance is altered. In order to prove each other right or wrong, they design an experiment to figure it out. • IDENTIFY THE IV AND DV.

  6. Freaky Feet • Kat and Billy do not like other people’s feet. They begin to wonder if the sex of a human can be determined by only looking at their feet. Kat thinks you can tell the difference because men’s feet are more square in shape. Billy thinks you can tell the difference because women’s feet have a narrower heel. They decide to perform an experiment to see if they are correct. • IDENTIFY THE IV AND DV.