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Journey in Being Slideshow—welcome! PowerPoint Presentation
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Journey in Being Slideshow—welcome!

Journey in Being Slideshow—welcome!

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Journey in Being Slideshow—welcome!

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  1. Journey in BeingSlideshow—welcome! Best experienced in full screen view

  2. Journey in BeingAnil Mitra ‘Whereof one cannot speak… ’ Website

  3. Sources • Journey in Being, Horizons Press Journey in Being, • The present foundation, a brief document • Journey in Being, the narrative • Many other core, supporting and secondary essays

  4. Journey in Being: the idea • Being-over-time: a historical view - history does not entail destiny or determinism • My life as a Journey • I came to recognize only necessary limits • Being is –at the intersection of the– known and unknown… its use is enabling, avoids commitment to substance

  5. Being • In experience, there is being or existence • Power, the ability to have an effect, is the sign of being. Categories are eliminated • The void i.e. the absence of being, of entities and laws, is a foundation for being without substance or infinite regress • The void is equivalent to all being Details of Foundation

  6. The void, becoming… • The void is foundation and source without substance or infinite regress • There are no ultimate laws, the foundation in the void shows essential indeterminism at the root of being • Variation and selection is the standard mode of becoming

  7. … and origin of form and logic • … and explains the origin of near-symmetric quasi-stable structures in quasi-causal, quasi-deterministic patterns • Language and symbol are expressions of the possibilities of form for a context • A logic is the expression of the necessities for the context. Laws are systems of logic

  8. Knowledge • Knowledge is the effect of the one in the other • Mind, as being-in-its-relations, is present in primal being – is coeval, coextensive with being… MIND IS BEING • Knowledge bifurcates into symbol and ideal object

  9. Knowledge of the object • Apprehension is knowledge through the built in forms or categories of intuition • Comprehension is the enhancement of apprehension by the free symbol • Although there is no apprehension of the external object, there is the possibility of perfect correspondence in comprehension

  10. Truth • Factual truth is correspondence with the external object • … and is known by coherence within the ideal – apprehension and comprehension • Truth may be seen as a system of affinities within the individual and between the individual and ALL BEING

  11. Higher truth • Higher truth involves affinities among all systems • In factual truth, the cognitive system is primary • In beauty, the emotions are primary

  12. Summary of foundation • The void is foundation of a theory of being • What is possible is necessary • All entities may interact. There is one universe • All possibilities are recurrently actual • There is BEING that spans all being in its knowledge and being

  13. Logic • Determinate being, that there is a being that is not another being, is the condition for a minimal LOGIC • All logics are the necessities of a context • Without reference, there is no proposition • A propositional form without reference results in paradox

  14. Two divides The following divides, which connect our world to Primality, are essential to animal and human being • Origin of a coherent cosmological system • Origin of the free symbolic capability

  15. General cosmology • General cosmology is the elaboration of the theory of being founded in the void • Physical cosmology is the theory of the origin of coherent cosmological systems • The origin of structure and quasi-causation in a coherent phase-epoch is a foundation for quantum-theory

  16. Possibility and probability • What is classically impossible in a coherent cosmological system is actually improbable • The improbable is necessary if restriction to the cosmological system is removed • Absolute restriction to a cosmological system is not possible. Probability may be enhanced in negotiation of the boundaries

  17. Human being and symbols • The categories of intuition are adaptation to the forms of the cosmological system • The free symbol is a foundation for adaptability of an organism • The free symbol is the foundation for language, knowledge, truth and error, and culture

  18. Ethics or value • The free symbol is a source of creative thought and action • In the absence of unbounded rationality, guides for creative action and to avoid destructive action are adaptive • Here lies the origin of creative and prohibitive value or ethics

  19. The theory of action and value • Ethics includes morals, aesthetics and political value or political philosophy • The origin of ethics is the selection of ad hoc rules and rule respecting organisms • Higher thought enables a theory of ethics but bounded rationality limits the theory • Also enabled is an idea of the highest ideal

  20. The nature of being • The nature of being, which exists, is its elements which also exist • ‘Element’ is interpreted liberally, to include part, relation, form… • As guides to the ultimate, look to the theory of being and the history of human thought and action

  21. What is the Journey in Being… • … the becoming, being, and dissolution, here-now and ultimate of BEING within ALL BEING • ... includes all knowing, understanding, creation and discovery, all stories • … the form of the journey is a binding among knowing, acting and being Journey in Being

  22. ‘Journey in Being’ … Is the name of two interwoven stories of being: • My travels in being where understanding and transformation interact • The story of being – of the one universe – where being is conceived in its aspect as a journey

  23. The journey • Background: the diversity of accumulated knowledge, action, and the world • Metaphysics: the understanding that recognizes only necessary limits • Transformation: based in and informing the metaphysics; draws from the classic modes of transformation

  24. Background Background: the diversity of the world. The following are treated as ‘data:’ all available personal and transmitted experience including accumulated knowledge and symbolic means; theory including science; technology; literature, art, humanities, content of myth and religion; journeys of others

  25. Metaphysics • General metaphysics: the theory of being and cosmology which found a complete system of metaphysics • Symbol: the foundation of understanding has been shown • Value: the highest ideal exists together with freedom of choice

  26. General metaphysics • Includes theory of being, cosmology, and the understanding of mind • The theory of the void founds metaphysics, and the formulation of a complete system of problems of metaphysics and their resolution

  27. The problems of metaphysics Foundation for BEING, relationship and POWER, SYMBOL and VALUE, LOGIC and LANGUAGE, DYNAMICS and TRANSFORMATION, the VOID, MIND, FORMS, UNIVERSAL, COSMOLOGY, DETERMINISM and CAUSATION, and GOD, QUANTUM MECHANICS, SPACE-TIME-BEING, MATHEMATICS may be regarded as a science of FORM. Solution to the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM OF METAPHYSICS i.e. ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’

  28. Value • The occasion for value is in the freedom and possibility of the free symbol • Good is not created by ‘goodness’ but by power which also results in evil • The highest ideal and the Journey or Adventure in Being

  29. Essential transformation • Essential transformation, based in incomplete knowledge, is necessary for realization of possibility and the ultimate • Being itself is the target of transformation • Transformation or action and understanding are mutually informing

  30. Dynamics • Extension of logic to ‘the art of understanding and effecting the possible and the good’ • Founded in theory of being and distinction of probable versus necessary limits • Search to magnify small probabilities e.g. creativity, insight and discovery

  31. Approaches • The dynamics • The classical approaches of Yoga, psychoanalysis, the physical journey, shamanism, science, healing based in engagement of the entire organism • Design of a complete, minimal system of experiments

  32. The journey continues • I return to reflection, the physical journey, and transformation • I invite fellow travelers • I take up the remaining developments for the journey as outlined at Includes experiments with symbolic machines and social action

  33. After the journey • I seek being over becoming… • … and perception over thought Design