Meeting the Mission: To have the healthiest workforce in America
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Meeting the Mission: To have the healthiest workforce in America Leah Holzwarth , MS, CWP, CWPM, ACSM/HFS Wellness Advantage, Baptist Health South Florida. Organization. Interventions. Program Impact.

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Program impact

Meeting the Mission: To have the healthiest workforce in America

Leah Holzwarth, MS, CWP, CWPM, ACSM/HFS

Wellness Advantage, Baptist Health South Florida



Program Impact

Wellness Advantage – a multi-disciplinary team of Wellness Coaches, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, and Web Portal Administrators create and maintain a culture of wellness throughout Baptist Health. They provide a continuum of programming from BMI Busters to marathon training to great tasting, nutritious food to an engaging web portal all so employees have an opportunity to achieve their desired level of health.

My Unlimited Potential Program- a one year program for high-risk employees with cardio-metabolic risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity. The first 12 weeks are high touch and involve education and practical tools along with constant interaction with the team. Regular follow up happens for the next 40 weeks.

Families Step Up - an 8 week program for Baptist Health employees with children between the ages of 8-12, looking to develop healthier habits. The program’s three components are: nutrition, exercise and communication. The team consists of a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

You Matter - is a collaboration between the Employee Health Offices (EHO), Employee Health Management (EHM) and Wellness Advantage. All BHSF employees must visit the EHO for an annual physical. During this visit employees have their height and weight measured. If an employee is interested in making changes the EHO staff refers them to their Wellness Coach. The Wellness Coach coordinates a meetingwith the employee to determine health and wellness goals and how to achieve them. The Wellness Coach serves as motivation, support and as touchstone for the employee on their wellness journey.

Training Groups – provide not only various ways for employees to become fit, they have also become some of the more social events held at BHSF. Employees run, cycle and swim together, making new friends and connections. With a large organization - both in population and distance - many times employees don’t know each other; the training groups have broken down silos creating not only a more fit organization but a more social and engaged one. – Healthcare is a 24/7/365 operation. Wellness Advantage goal is to reach all employees and help them reach their desired health status. The web portal provides the opportunity to reach each employee no matter what shift they work.

In 2013, through our many health screening events, we have been able to identify the percentage of employees with diabetes (4%), cholesterol (34%), high blood pressure (5%), and those that are smokers or tobacco users (10%). With this information, we are able to better assist those with these conditions and provide education and programming specific to these groups.

We studied employees who completed the health assessment (HA) for three consecutive years and found that they improved 9 of 13 health risks measured. Preventative screening compliance has increased from 79% to 83%. These employees are also more physically active and eating healthier. Weight and cholesterol levels have remained stable. This group also ranks their health as very good or excellent. The percent of users who know their blood pressure and cholesterol biometrics has increased by over 40%. This cohort has lowered their medical cost by an average of $1,039 based on health assessment data.

According to the HA, our absenteeism rates average a savings of $18/person. Also, from health assessment results, the average decrease in productivity due to health issues fell from 4.1% to 2.8% in 2013.

In 2013 we determined an estimated cost avoidance of $19 million. We have calculated this marker since 2005 and estimate that Wellness Advantage has saved Baptist Health $111 million.

Baptist Health South Florida (Baptist Health), is the region’s most-preferred not-for-profit healthcare organization and, with 15,000 employees, South Florida’s largest private employer. Baptist Health created Wellness Advantage in 2001 as an organization-wide commitment to improve the health and well being of our employees and their families. Wellness Advantage offers a comprehensive program of health-related employee services. We believe Wellness is the key to every success Baptist Health enjoys, whether it's the ability to care for our patients, to balance our personal and professional lives or to focus on our mission. Practicing wellness also means that we can keep our own healthcare costs, including our medical plan premiums and our healthcare service utilization rate, as low as possible. From our free on-site employee clinics, free fitness centers, nationally recognized childhood obesity class and cutting edge health management program.....our mission is to have the healthiest workforce in America.

Summary of Program

Wellness Advantage is based on six dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional/spiritual, social, occupational, and environmental. All programming fits into one of these dimensions. We believe that by helping employees keep a balance between the dimensions they will lead healthier lives and be a more engaged employee.

Program Impact