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UNIVERSAL Presents. GPS ASSET TRACKING . Creating a Secure Logistics Industry with Universal Asset Tracking System . Existing Technology. GPS: Global Positioning System, three satellites determine longitude and latitude for identifying location and tracking of various modes of transportation.

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universal presents



existing technology
Existing Technology
  • GPS: Global Positioning System, three satellites determine longitude and latitude for identifying location and tracking of various modes of transportation.

Methods of communicating GPS unit data:

    • Cellular: GSM, Satellite (Used For GPS tracking)
    • RF Low power 433, 868mhz (Used for asset presence detection at a location, and to power up GPS unit)
    • 868 and 922Mhz used for locator/range extenders
ats advanced technology
ATS’ Advanced Technology
  • Internet or intranet access to real-time monitoring and tracking data
  • GPS tracking via smart phone,or by SMS text messaging
  • Download/Upload data to handheld devices (e.g. PDA’s).
    • Location of cargo and personnel.
  • Location and exception based reporting of alarms.
    • Route deviations, unplanned stops, etc.
  • Detailed mapping pinpointing geographic location.
  • Issuance of commands to immobilize vehicles.
  • Lock/unlock sealed containers.
    • Remotely or automatically at pre-authorized location.
  • Tamperproof and concealed GPS units.
  • Tamperproof and concealed antennas integrated with asset.
real time communications


  • Wireless Wide
  • Area Networks
  • GSM
  • Satellite

Local Area Wireless-RF



  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Cross Dock
  • Wireless Download
  • Monitoring
  • Container
  • Cargo
  • Personnel
Real Time Communications


flow chart
Flow Chart





•Cellular•RF• •UHF/VHF•Satellite


PC, Laptop, PDA

ats technology applied to cargo security
ATS Technology Applied to Cargo Security
  • GPS technology can now be exploited to enable the world-wide real-time tracking of cargo.
  • Cargo can now be secured in sealed containers preventing the transportation of unauthorized goods or the smuggling of people.
  • Transportation data management enhances just in time management efficiencies and increasing productivity.
total asset visibility
Total Asset Visibility

Tamper proof

GPS unit transmits tamper alarm condition


cargo, vehicle, personnel data

Tagged cargo

secure from theft

Wide Area Networks

Optical infrared hand

scanner identifies and

transmits tagged cargo data

Electronic solenoid lock seals the

Container. Cargo door opens only

At given destination GPS address, by use

of hand held GPS based PDA, which requires

user biometric Identification.

Tamper detection

Vehicle Immobilization


asset mount gps tracking
Asset Mount GPS Tracking

*GSM modem 850/1800/1900

*Battery operated or 12vdc.

*Automatic GPS unit power “ON”

when asset carrying GPS unit leave

designated area.(patent pending)

* Auto reporting when GPS

unit moves from park position

*Automatic time interval GPS unit

location reporting

* GPS unit removal tamper reporting

* GPS unit position accuracy 15m

* Velocity accuracy 0.1km/h

* Operating temperature:-30c to +70c


electronic seal
Electronic Seal
  • Hand held seal reader designed to read container door mount electronic seal
  • Hand reader used to detect electronic seal optical strap tamper.
  • Provide real time container inventory toexpedite cargoflow through customs.
  • Provides container asset destination information
  • Identify container/trailer loader.
  • Identify container inspecting officer.
  • Operating temperature: - 30C to + 80C Patented
electronic solenoid lock
Electronic Solenoid Lock
  • GPS unit data can be downloaded inside door lock processor with destination(s) address, cargo identity, and loader personnel information.
  • Container doors unlocked electronically at a given address, when door lock processor receives power and given destination GPS longitude/latitude address from a hand held GPS unit.


gps based electronic door lock
GPS BasedElectronicDoorLock

Electronic Deadbolt lock releases when

Container and hand PDA actual location address is same as container door lock processor

given destination address

User Identify GPS based PDA Having a receptacle to power up Container electronic door lock and send GPS data to open door


Container solenoid door lock power up and

data communication receptacle

available from universal marketing
Available FromUniversal Marketing

Universal Marketing

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