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The Olfaction Workshops

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The Olfaction Workshops. To structure and to develop our smelling universe To describe aromas in wine with an accurate use of the rich vocabulary at our disposal. To increase the confidence in ourselves during the wine tasting. The Woody Universe in Wine. 3 aromatic types The woody notes

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the olfaction workshops
The Olfaction Workshops
  • To structure and to develop our smelling universe
  • To describe aromas in wine with an accurate use of the rich vocabulary at our disposal.
  • To increase the confidence in ourselves during the wine tasting.
the woody universe in wine
The Woody Universe in Wine

3 aromatic types

  • The woody notes
  • The resiny notes
  • The balsamic notes
sensation and perception
Sensation and Perception
  • The sensation
  • The analytical or objective perception
  • The syncretic or subjective perception
the sensation
The Sensation
  • To experience the sensation of an odor, one needs the action of an olfactive stimulation which, by causing a local, momentary but effective modification, determines an excitation of the receiving cells of the sense of smell. This reaction must be translated, then transmitted by a nervous message to the medulla and to the various higher centers of the brain. This process operates almost instantaneously.
the analytical perception
The analytical perception
  • Perception is the mental interpretation of the sensation. This is an active process, successive to the feeling, and so must be considered separately. It is an intellectual act, it brings into play high functions of the conscience, connexions with the memory, associations of images, and is tributary of the personal experience and upbringing.
the syncretic perception
The syncretic perception
  • Confused and total impression where one does not distinguish any element in particular.
  • The odor or the perceived aroma brings us back with force to one precise moment of our life. It has the odor of it, so to speak. What we perceive initially is the context of this memory. The image which comes to mind is the total vision of an ensemble, before any distinction of olfactive elements.
the woods
The Woods
  • Warm caracter, drying effect, dusty, old newspaper, shavings of wood, sawdust, pencil shavings, planks…
  • The drying during months lets appear the woody caracter
the cedarwood
The cedarwood
  • Juniperus Virginia
  • Cedrus Atlantica
  • Cedrus Libanum
the resins
The Resins
  • Fresh caracter, volatile, sometimes camphor-like, waxy, sapy, turpentine, painting solvant, varnish, green wood
  • Fresh cut wood
the balsamic notes
The Balsamic notes
  • Warm caracter, round, syrup-like, alimentary, « gourmand », vanilla, exotic, pharmaceutical, sometimes spicy (most of the time cinnamon-like)
  • Origin of the word: basm, balsamum
  • The balsamic vinegar
  • Confusion between balsamic smell and balsamic property
the woods the resins and the balsams
The Woods, the Resins and the Balsams
  • The Cedarwood, the Sandalewood, the Guaiacwood, the roots of Vetiver, the Oaktree
  • The Siberian Pinetree, Juniperberry, Cypress, the Ciste (Cistus Labdaniferus), Incense, the Cedarwood leaves, Conifers
  • Perou and Tolu balsams, the Benzoin
two types of languages to describe the wine
Two types of languages to describe the wine
  • The aromatic descriptors of wine
  • The molecules of wine
exemple of chardonnay
Exemple of Chardonnay
  • Floral possible descriptor:
    • Rose
    • Litchi
  • Possible molecules:
    • Linalol
    • Geraniol
    • Citronellol
    • Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
    • Ho-trienol
    • Nerol
    • Rose oxide
another exemple the vanilla note in wine
Another exemple:The vanilla note in wine
  • Vanilla from Madagascar/ Vanilla beans/ Vanilla extract
  • The Vanillina/ Synthetic Vanilla
the vanilla from madagascar
The Vanilla from Madagascar
  • Warm aroma, complex, chocolate, cocoa, powdery, « gourmand », balsamic, coffee, rum, woody, old newspaper, round.
the vanillina 4 hydroxy 3 methoxybenzaldehyde
The Vanillina4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde
  • Sucre vanillé, Jordan almonds,

powdery, linear, monolithic, simple, drying

wines in barrels the aromatic categories
Wines in Barrels/ The aromatic categories
  • « Gourmande » or Balsamic notes
    • Vanilla
    • Caramel
    • Coconut
    • Jam
  • The spicy notes
    • Clove bud
  • Smokey/Tar/Burnt/Toasted
    • Licorice
  • The phenols
molecules identified in wine after months in barrels
Molecules identified in wine after months in barrels
  • Vanillina
  • Maltol
  • Cis-oak-lactone and Trans-oak-lactone
  • Cycloten
  • Meta / Ortho / Para-cresol
  • Furaneol
  • Eugenol and Isoeugenol
  • Guaiacol and 4-methyl-guaiacol
  • Furfural
the aromas of oak
The aromas of oak
  • Difficulties to harmonize the aromatic tendencies (dominant characteristics)
  • How to classify aromas?
  • The knowledge of the aromatic facets
the different toasts of barrels
The different toasts of barrels
  • The light toast
  • The medium toast
  • The strong toast
  • The very strong toast
  • 2-methoxy-4-prop-2-enyl-phenol
  • C10H12O2
  • Spicy, smoky, pharmaceutic, dentist, carnation, gourmand, slightly vanilla-like,
trans oak lactone
  • Beta-methyl-gamma-octalactone
  • C9 H16 O2
  • Coco, celery, slightly woody, milky
  • 2-Hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-1-one
  • C6H8O2
  • Licorice, tar, toasted, vanilla-like, « gourmand»
le para cresol
Le para-cresol
  • C7H8O
  • Stables, Ecurie, musky, phenol-like, band-aid, gouache, toasted, burnt
thank you
Thank you

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