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Paci -Tether

Paci -Tether

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Paci -Tether

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  1. Paci-Tether Finally, the solution we’ve all been waiting for!

  2. What is a Paci-Tether? A Paci-Tether is the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL Attachment Strap.

  3. What is a Paci-Tether? A Paci-Tether is the most superb pacifier tether, or pacifier strap, available today.  

  4. Is it just for pacifiers? No. You Can Tether … • juice box holders • snack cups • teethers • toys • and more.

  5. Is it just for pacifiers? This tether can also grow with the consumer! Use it to tether  • a lunch bag to a backpack • hair bows to a hanger • keys to a diaper bag • a badge or ID card to brief case • or even a cosmetic bag to a suitcase

  6. Who invented the Paci-Tether? Jennifer Whelan is a happily married, stay-at-home-mom of four beautiful blessings.  Although both she and her husband (Martin) are UCF college graduates, they met on a blind date through a mutual friend elsewhere, and have been inseparable for the last 16 years.   She enjoys playing with photography, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, crochet…pretty much anything creative; and loves a day at the beach with family.

  7. What was the Paci-Tether invention influence? Simple, really.  I had two small children and found out that I was pregnant with twins.  My first two kiddos were totally pacifier babies, so I figured my next two would likely be as well.  I've always been somewhat of a germ-o-phobe, and it is hard enough keeping up with one baby's pacifier.  I was about to have to clean and keep track of TWO pacifiers, so I needed a better way to do it - my sanity depended on it.  I had already purchased and tried every tether available with my first two children.  Most of them were product specific, so I had to be careful about that, and they were always somehow insufficient.  They were too short.  Too flimsy.  Too weak.  Too strong.  Too easily broken & rendered useless.  Some of them frayed clothing, while others slipped right off of clothing.  What to do?  What to do...  So, being creative, I came up with my own SUPERIOR version.  Mission accomplished!

  8. What was the Paci-Tether invention influence? • No more lost pacifiers. • No more germ infested pacifiers. • No more time-wasting hunts for lost/tossed pacifiers. • Happy babies.  Happy Mommy. A proper tether = Saves $$$. Reduces stress worrying about germs. Saves time wasted on re-cleaning. When Momma’s happy, everybody is happy. Happy Babies = Happy Mommy.

  9. Why THIS Tether? It's UNIVERSAL! Works with ALL pacifier makes & models.

  10. Why THIS Tether? It's MULTI-PURPOSE!Works with most teethers, cups, toys, and some bottles too.

  11. Why THIS Tether? It can be easily attached and used.Attaches to clothing:

  12. Why THIS Tether? Attaches to ALL swing, infant carrier, car seat, highchair, stroller, and bouncy seat harnesses, too!

  13. Why THIS Tether? It can be CUSTOMIZED! • Add Embellishments • Bows • Buttons • Flowers • Appliqués • Embroidery Add YOUR Company Logo Company Colors Sports Team Colors Themes Varied Ribbon or Fabric Types Varied Widths or Lengths Varied Closures

  14. Why THIS Tether? It can be CUSTOMIZED!

  15. Why THIS Tether? It is GREEN! This tether can also grow with the consumer! Use it to tether  • a lunch bag to a backpack • hair bows to a hanger • keys to a diaper bag • a badge or ID card to brief case • or even a cosmetic bag to a suitcase

  16. Paci-Tether Market Research Every Year, in the United States Alone: • The provisional count of births in the United States for the 12-month period ending June 2011 was 3,978,000.  (  • 4 Million Babies [are] Born Each Year In [the] United States! ( • Just over 4 million babies are born in the United States each year.  (

  17. Paci-Tether Market Research According to Google AdWords:  • Over 200,000 searches occur locally each month for "pacifier."  That number goes up to over 450,000 when you expand to a global search. • Over 160,000 searches occur locally each month for "pacifiers." • Over 22,000 searches are conducted locally each month for "pacifier clips."  Other high-rank search terms include: "Baby Pacifier Clips " "Toy Tether " "Pacifier Strap"

  18. Why buy THIS license over others? The Paci-Tether is • universal • multi-purpose • easy to use and washable • compatible with ALL infant and toddler harnesses • GREEN It can also be customized with embellishments (like buttons, appliqués, embroidery or bows), your company's logo or colors, team colors, themes, and varied closures.   It is inexpensive and simple to make, so your ROI is sure to be substantial.

  19. Why buy THIS license over others? Even if only 10% of those babies keep their pacifiers, that is 400,000 pacifiers that need at least one paci-tether EVERY year.  100% of MY babies needed a paci-tether, so this is likely a very conservative estimate.  There will also be replacements made by the consumer, and/or additional purchases for increased convenience.  So even after the 400,000 are sold each year to parents of newborns, there will be repeat business.  I, personally, owned several for each child. Every Baby Comes Home from the Hospital with a Pacifier!

  20. Why buy THIS license over others? These prices are based on what I was able to get retailand in the United States of America.  Obviously, this skews the actual Return On Investment, making it seem less that it actually will be considering the manufacturer you may already have in place, wholesale prices of which you will be able to take advantage and varied labor rates.   Potential Return On Investment:

  21. Why buy THIS license over others? Bottom line:  This chart shows a restrained estimate of a limited number of many possible existing ROI scenarios.   Just think...$7.44 X 400,000 = $2,976,000 in additional income EACH year! (This is without considering repeat business.  Imagine what that number could be!)  Say "YES!" to increased profitability today.

  22. Why buy THIS license over others? You can be the industry LEADER! Moms, Dads & caretakers nationwide, will become extremely loyal customers. When Mommas are happy, word of mouth spreads like wildfire! You will become even more well known for this Alpha and Omega visionary product !

  23. Paci-Tether Licensing Contact: Martin Whelan10319 Sandy Marsh LaneOrlando, FL

  24. Paci-Tether Patent Rights Want the BEST to be EXCLUSIVELY Yours? Buy the patent rights.  YOU can OWN all Paci-Tether rights which will eliminate competition, and broaden your customer base.   Only serious offers, in writing, will be considered and reviewed by the Paci-Tether attorneys.  Contact Martin for more information.  Get your head-start today!  We don’t blame you for not wanting to share the potential revenue increase of $2.9 MILLION each year with other companies.

  25. Paci-Tether Patent Rights What is an extra $3,000,000/year worth to you? Contact: Martin Whelan10319 Sandy Marsh LaneOrlando, FL

  26. Thank you! Thank you! Ingenious Innovations and the Paci-Tether greatly appreciate your valuable time and energy as you consider this visionary wealth-making opportunity. Licenses are being sold now. Don’t wait!