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Software Testing Services Company India - NetSet Software PowerPoint Presentation
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Software Testing Services Company India - NetSet Software

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Software Testing Services Company India - NetSet Software
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Software Testing Services Company India - NetSet Software

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  1. Software Testing Services Company Software testing is essential part of our Company. We often noticed that whenever we start doing quality testing, team found so many bugs in set of codes. These bugs can be related to UI/UX, functionality, Interface or logical. Categorization of bugs is necessary to perform the relevant testing. Delivering a bug free code is main objective of our organization. It will lead to good client satisfaction index. Agile Testing is the key for success of software testing.

  2. Types of Software Testing

  3. Agile testing Agile testing is effective only if we will use Agile development. So our company is using Agile Development. It is a non-stop procedure of testing. It helps us to deliver the bug-free codes. Agile basically found and fix all the bugs. It reduces the various troubles. Agile development reduces the quantity of bugs in final testing. It is beneficial in software testing because it provides iterative development. Iterative development includes code designing, developing and testing all these timely and repeatedly.

  4. As we all know it will become more easy if we divide the task and then develop or design it. Same as that if we divide the testing section in parts, we can test it more effectively. Let’s talk about few situations that can interrupt the testing as well. Likewise if have to deliver any milestone at the desired time than we have to plan everything from initiation meeting till the build deliveries. A tester will always be there in initiation meeting and scrums as well so that they could better understand the complexity of project. Each day sprints should be there to achieve the desired milestone. To test any phase it need to be completed on time. Rather than that we must ready for the last-minute changes requirements. Changes can be from client side or from the developer end to overcome the complexity of the project. So, for this part we have to keep a buffer time as well. By adhering the plan we can achieve the success even at the last moment.

  5. Tester is completely dependent on developer, to grab his job and to do it on time. They have to very attentive. All this can be done by Agile Development Life-Cycle. Hurdles can be overcome by adhering the plan, attending the scrum meetings. Software Testing in India is a not a small industry it is a task of dependent responsibility. A huge group of today’s generation is in this field. They have to fill the communication gap as well for better product. Tester is kind of backbone of a project. So we are grooming our skills in QA department @NetSet. We left traditional techniques like spiral or waterfall model very far away, our company is using Agile Development. So conclusion is that we have to plan, implement and execute the process as per the schedule decided to get the proper yield and to achieve the level of Customer Satisfaction Index.