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Research Presentation Directions PowerPoint Presentation
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Research Presentation Directions

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Research Presentation Directions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Research Presentation Directions. Follow the instructions on this document to complete your Research Project Presentation . You will submit this Powerpoint to your Teacher/CRA via DropBox . Please keep in mind the following things before beginning:

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Research Presentation Directions

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research presentation directions
Research Presentation Directions

Follow the instructions on this document to complete your Research Project Presentation. You will submit this Powerpoint to your Teacher/CRA via DropBox. Please keep in mind the following things before beginning:

  • ALL sensitive or protected health information MUST BE APPROVED BY WVU-IRB. (example: blood pressure, weight, sex, drug use, etc.).
  • Any research on vertebrate animals must BE APPROVED BY WVU- IACUC.
  • ANY SURVEYS MUST BE APPROVED BY YOUR CRA BEFORE BEGINNING THE PROJECT. Survey projects must include interventions, not just surveys. Surveys used for background information or justification for project also HAVE to be approved before they are given out.
  • Delete all guide slides and words before you submit your final presentation.
project title

Project Title

Your/Group Names

School Name

HSTA Teacher Name

observation statement of problem
Observation/Statement of Problem
  • Problem statement expresses an understanding of the problem & how to solve it.
    • What is the problem you are trying to address?
    • Why is this a problem?
    • Tell us about your idea for a project and how it connects to the problem statement? Your project idea should set out to solve or better understand the problem.
  • Relationship to community health is stated, referenced & literature research cited.
    • Describe what you have observed in your community and explain why it is important to address this problem.
    • Why is your topic important to your community?
justification background research
Justification/Background Research
  • Research cited, and clearly related to problem statement.
    • What research have you done connected to your problem?
    • Explain a little about your background research
      • Supporting ideas and examples of your topic
    • Cite your sources using APA format –
      • Need four or more references
      • At least two need to be from academic sources
    • Background research should lead you into your research question.
    • This section should be 2 or more slides.
research question
Research Question
  • Question aligns w/ problem statement& clarifies intent of experimental design and procedure.
    • Ask a question based on your problem statement, research, and community need.
    • Your question must be testable. You must be able to answer the question with your project and research.
    • Provide an overview (one sentence) basic summary of how you will test this question.
  • Research Design is this research project an:
    • Experiment
    • Intervention
    • Cross-Sectional
    • Longitudinal
  • Population:
    • Human
    • Invertebrate
    • Other ___________
  • IRB Status:
    • Does you project need an IRB?
      • If no, please explain why.
      • If yes, then what is the status of that IRB – need to talk to CRA, have talked to CRA and IRB is being worked on, completed, and/or other.
preparation continued
Preparation, Continued
  • What type of data will you get from your experiment? BE SPECFIC
  • How will you analyze your data to answer your research question?
  • What statistical analysis will you do?
  • Variables
    • Independent variable/Dependent variable


    • Variable 1/Variable 2
  • Control (if present)
  • Constant
  • Based on your background research, what do you think is going to happen in your experiment?
    • Explain the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.
    • State a null hypothesis

(How will the dependent variable be affected by changes in the independent variable?)

  • Provide a detailed list of materials you will need to do the project.
  • This list needs to be completed so field sites can purchase materials if needed.
procedure easy to understand
Procedure(Easy to understand)
  • Provides a logical sequential description of the manipulation of independent variable, data gathering procedures & anticipated effect on dependent variables.
  • List your procedures step by step
  • Make sure you involve community members in developing how you will solve the problem.
  • Make sure that someone reading the procedures will be able to complete the project exactly the same way that you do
  • This should be very specific and include a description about how changes will be made to the independent variable, as well as how the dependent variable will be measured
  • Provide any all survey materials that you will use in your project.
  • Safety precautions should be included
  • Talk about how you will collect data and how you will analysis the data
  • If your project has a survey you must have your survey questions completed before approval will be given.
  • Appropriate data presented (data matches research questions)
  • Well labeled graphs, tables /charts displaying the raw data
    • Remember to use descriptive analysis to showcase raw data
  • Graphs and charts explained
data analysis
Data Analysis
  • Statistical test chosen
  • Why this statistical test was used
  • Statistical significance of results correctly explained
    • Examples:
      • Pre and Post: Paired T-Test
      • Two groups/levels: T-Test
      • Three or more groups/levels: ANOVA
  • Summarizes results
  • Explains relationship between data and hypothesis (data supports or fails to support hypothesis)
  • Discusses limitations of project
    • The limitations of the study are those characteristics of design or methodology that impacted or influenced the application or interpretation of the results of your study. They are the constraints on generalizability and utility of findings that are the result of the ways in which you chose to design the study and/or the method used to establish internal and external validity. Keep in mind that acknowledgement of a study's limitations is an opportunity to make suggestions for further research.
  • References need to be in APA format
  • 4 or more references/ literature present
  • References cited correctly