How to create a senior center website
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How to create a Senior Center Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to create a Senior Center Website. Ben Faver Robin Freeman. 7 Steps in Web Development. Find a Web Host Choose a Domain Name Plan Your Website Build Your Website page by page Publish your Website Promote Your Website Maintain Your Website. Hosting - In Simple Terms.

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How to create a senior center website

How to create a Senior Center Website

Ben Faver

Robin Freeman

7 steps in web development
7 Steps in Web Development

  • Find a Web Host

  • Choose a Domain Name

  • Plan Your Website

  • Build Your Website page by page

  • Publish your Website

  • Promote Your Website

  • Maintain Your Website

Hosting in simple terms
Hosting - In Simple Terms

  • Hosting is like a storage unit

  • It holds all of your information

  • Monthly fee is required

  • You can get different size storage units

  • Someone else owns the building, you just pay rent

1 hosting find a web host
1. Hosting: Find a web host

  • What does a Host do?

    • Stores your files, pictures, and other website information on their server (computer).

    • Backs up your website data.

    • Secures your website.

    • Provide bandwidth (access to your data)

Bandwidth in simple terms
Bandwidth - In Simple Terms

  • Bandwidth is how fast is your data provided

  • How much data can be sent at the same time?

  • Good bandwidth is like a freeway compared to a one-lane road.

  • Slow bandwidth is like a freeway after a wreck and everyone slows down and stops.

1 hosting find a web host1
1. Hosting: Find a web host

  • Which web host is best?

  • Choose based on:

    • Cost – monthly fees

    • Dependability – Does the server stop working often?

    • Bandwidth – is it fast or slow?

    • Storage space – How much data can be stored?

    • Customer service – Do they have 24 by 7 telephone support? Or is their support like the Peggy commercial?

1 hosting find a web host2
1. Hosting: Find a web host

  • Example:

    • Bluehost

    • FatCow

    • GoDaddy

    • HostGator

    • Or search the web for web hosts

Domain in simple terms
Domain – In Simple Terms

  • Domain name is like an address

  • There’s only 1 address per location.

  • No two websites can have the same Domain.

  • Your Domain tells the internet browser how to get to your website.

123 Main St

Benton, AR

2 add a domain name
2. Add a Domain name

  • Example:,,

  • Extensions - .com, .gov, .org, .edu, .net

  • Keep the name short and simple

  • Has to be Unique

  • You can check to see if someone already has the Domain you want

Website design in simple terms
Website Design – In Simple Terms

  • It’s important to keep your website organized

Bad Example

Good Example

Build the website in simple terms
Build the website - In Simple Terms

  • Danger Will Robinson Danger – Techno speak on next few slides.

  • It’s complicated.

  • But, there are easier solutions too.

3 build your website page by page
3. Build your website page by page

  • Learn HTML

  • Learn CSS

  • Use Web page Editors –

    • Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Web Expression 4, WordPress, etc…

    • Or, use text editor (wordpad or notepad) but you will need to know HTML well

  • Other Web development languages/tools


4 plan your website
4. Plan your website

  • Content –

    • Pictures

    • Logo

    • Map

    • Hours of Operation

    • Contact information

    • Links to other websites

    • Event Calendar

4 plan your website1
4. Plan your website

  • Design –

    • Using templates

    • Background colors

    • Fonts (colors, and size)

    • Pictures should be gif or jpeg format

    • Pictures should not be too large

    • Design Multiple pages (pictures, detail information)

    • Page size (not too big)

Using templates in simple terms
Using Templates – In Simple Terms

  • Header

  • Navigation

  • Background

  • Content

  • Footer

4 plan your website2
4. Plan your website

  • Navigation –

    • home,

    • contact us

    • calendar

Publish the website in simple terms
Publish the website - In Simple Terms

  • Publishing is like sending your Novel to the book publisher.

  • You need to review, edit, proofread, and make final adjustments before publishing.

  • Your website will be made available to the world!

5 publish your website
5. Publish your Website

  • Preview and test the website on local pc before publishing to host

  • Test with different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)

  • After testing Publish it using FTP software provided by the Host (FTP software sends data to the Host)

Promote the website in simple terms
Promote the website - In Simple Terms

  • Ways to let people know you have a website.

6 promote your website
6. Promote Your Website

  • Get your site linked to other sites

    • Area development council

    • County Website

    • City Website

    • Chamber of Commerce

  • Include a “like” button for Facebook on your website

  • Add a page view counter (optional)

  • Add your website address to mailings, brochures, flyers, email signatures

Maintain the website in simple terms
Maintain the website - In Simple Terms

Oh boy! They are dyeing Easter Eggs at the center tomorrow!

  • Old news is not good news.

  • Take out the trash before it starts to stink.

  • Keep it current.

7 maintain your website
7. Maintain Your Website

  • Preview web pages before publishing

  • Review on a periodic basis to keep it current

  • Specific dates for events

  • Make it interesting

  • Let the world know what’s going on at your center!

  • Social network sites (SNSs)

  • Present Organization to the World (750 million +)

  • Articulate social networks

  • Establish or Maintain Connections With Others

    • Interact with people you already know

    • Meet new people

    • Present information in an online profile

    • Accumulate "friends“

    • Join virtual groups based on common interests

Create a profile
Create a Profile

  • From your Facebook profile page, click the Pages header in the left-side navigation. Next, click the Create a Page button, and select the type of page--Local Business or Place, for example, or Brand or Product. You'll see a number of fields to fill out, such as your business category, name, and address.

  • Next, click the Get Started button, and Facebook will guide you through the rest of the setup process, step by step. If you skip any of those steps, you can fill them out later.

  • Facebook will request information about your business--a logo for the page avatar, details for the About section, contact information and hours, and the URL of your website.


  • Social Networking Site – millions of users

  • Free & Efficient (140 characters)

  • Enables Networking All Over the World

  • Follow influential people

  • Get latest trends and news in your field

  • Tweet about a topic while it's popular.


  • Include link on your website

  • Twitter is effective marketing tool, but social media is about engaging in conversation and providing value

  • Make your tweets entertaining and witty, and say something unique. Position yourself as an expert in your field and offer free advice

Twitter accounts
Twitter Accounts

  • Go to

  • Need Email & Password

  • Create a Username

  • Start Connecting

  • # = hash tags (#seniorcenter)

  • @ before username = public reply to comments (@benfaver)

  • d before username = private reply

Online social networking
Online Social Networking

  • No shortcuts or miracles.

  • Daily work.

  • Be patient.

  • Provide value.

  • Build a community.

  • Let the content and success of that community be the force that drives your success.

How to create senior center websites
How to Create Senior Center Websites

Ben Faver, Website Designer

Independent Contractor


[email protected]

Robin Freeman, Planning Director

Central Arkansas Development Council


[email protected]