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accreditation for the 21st century preparing for the qar team l.
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Accreditation for the 21st Century: Preparing for the QAR Team PowerPoint Presentation
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Accreditation for the 21st Century: Preparing for the QAR Team

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Accreditation for the 21st Century: Preparing for the QAR Team
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Accreditation for the 21st Century: Preparing for the QAR Team

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  1. Accreditation for the 21st Century:Preparing for the QAR Team

  2. Accreditation Process & Products Schools are accredited for five-year term • Internal Review • School conducts internal review of current capacity to meet accreditation standards • Standards Assessment Report (SAR) • External Review • School hosts external review • Quality Assurance Review Report (QAR) • Accreditation Recommendation • Continuous Improvement • School continues to monitor, document, and evaluate improvement efforts • Accreditation Progress Report (APR) 2

  3. Accreditation Process & Login, register, and tour! Homepage access: • *School Accreditation: A Handbook for Schools • The Standards • Standards Assessment Report template • Much more * New this year!! 3

  4. Pillars of Accreditation 4

  5. AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools Comprehensive statements of quality practices and conditions that research and best practice indicate are necessary for schools to achieve quality student performance and organizational effectiveness High Standards 5

  6. AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools Vision and Purpose Governance and Leadership Teaching and Learning Documenting and Using Results Resources and Support Systems Stakeholder Communications and Relationships Commitment to Continuous Improvement High Standards 6

  7. Standards Assessment Report Submitted on-line 6 months to 6 weeks prior to QAR visit Available in Portable Document Format (pdf) to QAR chair and team Review before QAR visit Used to gather evidence and verify school’s adherence to standards during visit Instructions for completing and submitting online E-Learning on Professional Development tab Includes Identification and Submission of a Peer-to-Peer Practice High Standards 7 7

  8. Improvement Process Elements What future are you pursuing? What have you accomplished? Vision Continuous Improvement Profile Results What is your current reality? Monitoring Plan andImplementation What actions will you take to improve? 8

  9. Continuous Improvement Process Process of continuous improvement will: comprehensively address four elements of continuous improvement help school meet standards focus on improvement of student learning and school effectiveness satisfy local, state, federal improvement process requirements be implemented systematically and systemically Continuous Improvement 9 9

  10. Continuous Improvement An accredited school makes commitment and demonstrates capacity to engage in ongoing improvement Educators in accredited schools possess “can do” attitude have high expectations for themselves and students willing to create, experiment, innovate, try new things strive to improve their effectiveness Continuous Improvement 10 10

  11. What is Quality Assurance? • Protecting public trust • Professional and organizational integrity • school strives to deliver on its promise and be what it claims to be • school fulfills requirements of accreditation • school is honest and truthful in communicating and reporting • Individuals engage in professional and ethical behavior • Internal and external review Quality Assurance 11

  12. Quality Assurance Review Schools participate in quality assurance review ….once every five years • Two-day visit with at least two hour QAR Team orientation before visit • Scheduled by state office • Led by certified chair appointed by state office • Comprised of three-seven professional peers Quality Assurance 12

  13. QualityAssuranceReview Visit Before the Visit …. the School • Periodically self-assesses standards • Identifies and implements improvement process and monitors results • Prepares and distributes Standards Assessment Report (6 weeks - 6 months) • Communicates with chair to develop visit schedule and arrange logistics • Informs and prepares stakeholders Quality Assurance 13

  14. QualityAssuranceReview Visit During the Visit ….. the School • Hosts QAR team • Participates fully in information gathering and review activities • Shares processes used to conduct the work • Presents evidence • Showcases progress • Seeks feedback Quality Assurance 14

  15. QualityAssuranceReview Visit After the Visit …… the School • Continues the journey • acts on recommendations from Review Team • maintains momentum and sustains results • enhances staff interest, learning, and involvement • Submits Accreditation Progress Report (APR) • Continues to engage in improvement Quality Assurance 15