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Asa Philip Randolph

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Asa Philip Randolph. By Rachel Cheng Rm: 201-8 th. Early Childhood.

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asa philip randolph

Asa Philip Randolph

By Rachel Cheng

Rm: 201-8th

early childhood
Early Childhood

Asa P. Randolph was born on April 15, 1889 in Crescent City, Florida but moved to Jacksonville, Florida two years later. He was born to James William and Elizabeth (Robinson) Randolph. His sibling includes his older brother William. His father was the minister of A.M.E. Church.

school life
School Life

He read Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx while other children his age were still reading Alice in Wonderland. As a child he had thought of a career with power like a congressman or lawyer so he can fight for the rights of blacks and others who are treated differently. He graduated out of Cookman Institute as class valedictorian and

school life cont
School Life (cont.)

was also on the baseball team, sang in choir, excelled in literature, drama, and public speaking. He’d worked odd jobs (elevator operator, porter, and waiter) while going to City College of New York after moving there in 1911. It was there when he met Chandler Owen who attended Columbia

school life cont5
School Life (cont.)

University as a law student. This was the beginning of The Messenger.

Chandler Owen

the messenger
The Messenger

The Messenger was a radical Harlem magazine. It also gave blacks the opportunities for being in the military. It also went against lynching. In it were arguments of the US joining World War I or not and advising blacks to arm themselves in case a mob of white came and attacked them.


“Salvation for a race, nation or class must come from within. Freedom is never granted; it is won. Justice is never given; it is exacted and the struggle must be continuous for freedom is never a final fact, but a continuing evolving process to higher and higher levels of human, social, economic, political and religious relationship.“

-A. Philip Randolph

brotherhood of sleeping car porters
Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, otherwise known as BSCP, was found in 1925. It then worked with Pullman Company after twelve years of hard work.

Members of BSCP

march on washington
March on Washington

The March on Washington was organized by Asa P. Randolph, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr., Roy Wilkins from NAACP, and James Farmer from CORE’S. It was organized because Randolph believed in equality for blacks and Washington still believed in segregation. The march

march on washington cont
March on Washington (cont.)

was for jobs and freedoms. It was set off in 1941 because but eventually happened in 1963 where 250,000 people marched in Washington and this is where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech.

Marchers walking in Washington D.C.

march on washington cont11
March on Washington (cont.)

Randolph had responded in The New York Review of Books “You take ten thousand dollars from a white man; you have his ten thousand dollars, but he’s got your movement. You take ten cents from a Negro; you get his ten cents, and you also have the Negro.”


*April 15, 1889- Asa P. Randolph was born in Crescent City, Florida.

*1891- Moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

*1911- Moved to New York hoping to become an actor.

*1914- Married widow Lucille Green.

*1917- Started The Messenger.

timeline cont
Timeline (cont.)

*1921- Lost running for New York Secretary of State.

*August 1925- Founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

*1940s-50s- Famous for being an African-American rights spokesperson.

*1947- Spoke with President Truman about African-American civil rights.

timeline cont14
Timeline (cont.)

*1963- March on Washington.

*1964- Civil Rights Act of 1964 signed.

*1968- Health began to weaken.

*May 16, 1979- Lived to 90 years of age in New York, New York.

Asa Philip Randolph


*1941- Honorary LL.D., Howard University

*1942- Spingarn Medal, NAACP

*1964- Presidential Medal of Freedom

*1973- Civil Rights Award, American Federation of Teachers


Book Source:

-Isaacs, Alan. Webster’s Family Encyclopedia. 13 vols. New York: 1993.

Limited information on his accomplishments and what he was famous for.

bibliography cont
Bibliography (cont.)

Internet Sources:

-Jessica McElrath. Asa P. Randolph- Profile of Labor & Civil Rights Leader A. Philip Randolph. <>

It gave brief but specific information about his whole life and work. No information on marriage.

bibliography cont18
Bibliography (cont.)

-A. Philip Randolph: Biography from <> 28 Apr. 2009

More useful if you’re looking for quotes he’d said.

-Dominique Butler. A. Philip Randolph. <> 1 May 2009

This site had good information on his later years of life.

bibliography cont19
Bibliography (cont.)

-A. Philip Randolph Bio. <> 1 May 2009

Brief notes at the beginning and what I needed which were not on other sites.

-Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. <> 1 May 2009

Helpful and gave specific details and info.

bibliography cont20
Bibliography (cont.)

-Jessica McElrath. The March on Washington, 1963. <> 1 May 2009

It gave me the details that I needed for what the march was about.