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Rock em ’ Sock em ’ Robots PowerPoint Presentation
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Rock em ’ Sock em ’ Robots

Rock em ’ Sock em ’ Robots

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Rock em ’ Sock em ’ Robots

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  1. Rock em’ Sock em’ Robots

  2. Overview • Our intension is to re-launch the 70’s game, Rock ‘em Sock ‘emrobots. • We will achieve this by constructing a website with an immersive flash game • with social networking integration. • We plan to advertise the website through social networking sites. • The game will be a simple, physics based game similar to yeti sports and angry • birds.

  3. Research • Our game was inspired by Angry Birds and Yeti Sports. • We’ve looked at many way to promote the game. • The Coca-Cola Company website have a points system where you can get points for playing games a get free downloads for winning them. • The Lego website has flash game where you can build and post what you’ve created to social networks.

  4. Research • Star Wars have a sound board on their website. • We’ve decided to take an up to date Iron Man inspired design as an update to the existing, out-dated product. • For a introductory video, we’ve decided to make a Looney Tunes and Scott Pilgrim inspired cartoon.

  5. The game • The game will begin with an introductory video you can skip. • The video will include a short story line. • It will be styled similarly to Looney Tunes and Scott Pilgrim. • It will take place in a boxing ring in keeping with the original product. • The game itself will be a yeti sports style game. • The gamer will take on the character of a robot and will have to uppercut another robot’s head off. • Depending upon the amount of power used the head will travel out of the boxing ring roof and fly across the city it’s based in.

  6. The game • A simple equation using distance travelled and objects hit will generate ‘cash’ which can be used to buy power-ups at the end of the game. • Then the user can play the same game with their chosen upgrades. • At the end of each game, the user will be given the option to post their scores to social networks as an attempt to advertise the game.

  7. The Website • The websites two main purposes are to advertise the product, and hold the promotional game. • The site itself will feature exclusive content such as wallpapers and avatars for users who have earned points within the game. • It is important to make sure that the website and the game feature the same design style. • We may also feature some information about how and why we’ve re-launched the original game and show the differences.

  8. Roles • Luke Kidney : Group Manager, developer. • Sean Tracey : Developer, game coding. • Robbie Brooks : Design, developer. • Lauren Orlowski : Game/web design.