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NAVY FAO. Distribution, Assignments, & Detailing, Procedures. FAO Tour. Key Community. FMS/ Sec Assistance (SAO). Policy/Plans/ Sec Cooperation. Community Support. LNO. Attaché. SAO. In-Country. MCAS. In-Country. COCOM. FAO Staff. NPC. USG / DOD (Joint). DOS/OSD JCS. DSCA.

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    1. NAVY FAO Distribution, Assignments, & Detailing, Procedures

    2. FAO Tour Key Community FMS/ Sec Assistance (SAO) Policy/Plans/ Sec Cooperation Community Support LNO Attaché SAO In-Country MCAS In-Country COCOM FAO Staff NPC USG / DOD (Joint) DOS/OSD JCS DSCA OPNAV N1 DC OPNAV N5 NCC/FLT USN NIPO NPS FAO Distribution Supporting FAO Demand • Official demand for FAO assignments set by funded USN billets discretely coded 1710 • Billets managed by individual claimants with OPNAV / NPC input • Billet distribution across DoD = multiple disparate stake-holders

    3. FAO Assignments Objective: Build the End-State FAO • Broad regional operational experience • Understanding of the formulation and implementation of U.S. pol-mil policy • Understanding of D.C. policy and regional staff processes Detailing Tenets • Needs of Navy • Meet current demand (1710 coded billets) • Lead-turn anticipated demand • Leverage strategic opportunities • Professional Development • In-country early, In-country often • Assignments IAW AOR-specialization • In-country / Staff rotation • Minimize non-observed training tracks Focus on Developing Senior Regional Experts

    4. FAO Detailing Procedures Detailing Procedures • FAO Detailer assigns IAW NPC policy and FAO detailing tenets • OPNAV N52 approval of O-5/O-6 slate, all cross-AOR assignments, and all assignments to non-1710 billets • OPNAV N52 approval of all key community assignments • Naval Attaché assignments contingent on OPNAV N2/N6 and DIA approval • FAO primary source-community for nominees to 1710-coded Attaché billets • Tour-release for FAOs to apply for non-1710 Attaché billets considered on case-by-case following coordination with N2/N6 • 1 FAO granted tour-release per Attaché billet • Security Assistance Office (SAO) assignments vetted through respective COCOM J1 • FAO sole source-community for 1710-coded SAO assignments • Senior positions generally receive GO/FO and USEMB review • COCOM and USN Staff assignments vetted through Major Staff Placement and gaining command IAW Joint and NPC policy • Detailing Window = 9-12 mo. prior to PRD/Billet Fill Date* or 2-3 months prior to Attaché Application Window • *Billet Fill Date calculated to account for required training track prior to report on-station. FAOs already meeting some or all billet pre-requisites are considered for slating IAW fill dates adjusted accordingly

    5. FAO Detailing Process • N2/N6 Nom • Notification • DIA RFO N2 / DIA ORDS Attaché Specific