Nada in swiss romande french speaking region of switzerland 26 october 2012
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NADA in Swiss Romande French speaking region of Switzerland 26 October 2012. Sylvie Wyler : Acu Dip Rosement Canada Eleanore Hickey : RN/RM, Acu Dip Geneva Matthew Epps : Acu Dip, Oregan, USA Mélinda Akongo : Nurse, Acu diplôme, Swiss. Swiss Romand or Romandie.

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Nada in swiss romande french speaking region of switzerland 26 october 2012

NADA in Swiss RomandeFrench speaking region of Switzerland26 October 2012

Sylvie Wyler: Acu Dip Rosement Canada

Eleanore Hickey: RN/RM, Acu Dip Geneva

Matthew Epps: Acu Dip, Oregan, USA

Mélinda Akongo: Nurse, Acu diplôme, Swiss

Swiss romand or romandie
Swiss Romand or Romandie

French speaking-westSwitzerland


  • Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Jura

  • French speaking parts of Valais, Fribourg and Bern

  • Approximately 1,5 million

  • 20% of the Swiss population

Cery cantonal university hospital chuv vaud
Cery Cantonal University Hospital (CHUV) Vaud


  • NADA methodintroduced

  • Used on the alcohol/drugdependencywards

  • Length of stayapproximately 3 weeks

  • Out-patient twice a week

Nada method
NADA method

  • An integrated componant to already existing programs

  • Alcohol/drug dependancy and mental health disorders

  • Demand for NADA ear acupuncture training increasing over the last 8 years

Courses nada protocol
Courses NADA protocol

NADA ear acupuncture courses are held at Cery psychiatric hospital, CHUV Lausanne

  • Health care professionels

  • Differents institutions in the region

  • Levant Foundation and St. Martin’s Day Centre (CHUV)


  • Hospitals request to train all members of the nursing/medical team

Mal voz hospital valais
Malévoz Hospital Valais


  • Severalmembers of the nursing and medical team trained in the NADA method


    To train all healthcareprofessionels

  • Used to treatdrug/alcohol abuse

  • Two staff memberstreat patients three times/week

Healthcare in the valais
Healthcare in the Valais

  • Integrated into the accredited continuing education programme (SIFor) in the region of the Valais

  • NADA course is officially recognised by the healthcare authority for doctors & nurses

  • Number of professionnels training is increasing

Drugs forum sion valais
Drugs Forum Sion, Valais

Seminar 7 September 2012:

  • Focusing on complementary & alternative methods

  • Presented NADA method to highlightawareness

    Invited by the president of the CAP LVT

  • Association to facilitate the prevention & treatment of substance abuse

Swiss comptoir lausanne
Swiss «Comptoir» Lausanne

Mental Health promotion 23 September 2012

  • Psychiatrichospitals in the regioninvited

  • NADA team invited to promote the method

Nant hospital east vaud
Nant Hospital, East Vaud


  • First nurses to train in the NADA method

  • Medical & nursing beingtrainedsince 2012

  • NADA isused in the generalpsychiatricward

  • Clients are treatedtwice a week in groups

  • Feedback isvery positive

Phenix foundation in geneva
Phenix Foundation in Geneva

  • Comprises five centres (Chêne, Plainpalais, Lancy, Grande-Pré and Envol) 1,000 patients

  • Medical director, junior doctors and several members

    of the nursing team trained in the NADA method

  • Feedback very positive

Yverdon hospital north vaud
Yverdon Hospital, North Vaud

  • NADA treatment is given on an individual basis

  • Feedback is very positive

Belmont clinique geneva
Belmont Clinique Geneva

  • Sophie Nicole, director of Belmont Clinic

  • French film on the NADA protocol

    Reasons for making the film:

  • NADA acupuncture trainers request

  • Testimony from clients who experienced it as part of their recovery in the region

Belmont clinique geneva1
Belmont Clinique, Geneva


  • Anorexia, boulemia and compulsive overeating


  • Alcohol, cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines (medication), cannabis…


  • Compulsive spending, gambling, compulsive affective and emotional behaviour, sexuality & work

3 types of services
3 types of services

SinceJune 2007:

  • In-patient

  • Day Care patients

  • Out-patients

Nada acupuncture protocol

  • All members of the nursing and para-medical team trained in the NADA method

    Includes to date:

  • 15 nurses

  • 10 Psychologists

  • 12 Nursing assistants

  • 3 members of the administrative team

In patient services 1
In-patient services (1)

  • 24 hospitalbeds

    NADA Method:

  • Obligatory for all patientes

  • Duration of session is 45 mins

In patient services
In-patient services

Room A:

  • Calm sombre atmosphere

  • Music

  • Silence isobligatory

    Room B:

  • Couch

  • Lighting

  • Possibility to chat or readtranquilly

  • 10 patients each room atevery session

In patient services1
In-patient services

One session a day

Obligatory for the first 3 weeks

Afterwards 2 sessions a week

Increase the number of sessions on request

Day care services
Day care services

One session a week

Group sessions are not obligatory

Sessions last 45 minutes.

Patients who request more than one session can join the hospital patients

Out patients

Out-patients are welcome to join the hospital group for NADA therapy

The sessions takes place every day at 13h00


Substance dependent clients have:

  • Shorter periods of withdrawal

  • Reduced agression

  • Reduced craving


Patients suffering from chronic depression:

  • Improved state of wellbeing

  • More alert

  • Participate more actively in their care and treatment

  • Need for in-reserve substances reduced

  • Request that their treatment be reduced


Patients with anorexia /boulimia:

  • Reduced nervous twitching

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Reduction in symptoms of depression

  • More calm and serene


Following NADA ear acupuncture therapy:

  • Patients are more receptive

  • Participate more active in the dynamiques of the workshops

Nada in swiss romande french speaking region of switzerland 26 october 2012