early humans final exam
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Early Humans Final Exam

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Early Humans Final Exam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Humans Final Exam. The answers! Please use integrity when you correct. Australopithecus Questions. 1. What was so special about Lucy? 2. What was so amazing about the Australopithecus tools, rocks, and sticks? 3. Why couldn't the Australopithecus make fire?.

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early humans final exam

Early Humans Final Exam

The answers! Please use

integrity when you correct.

australopithecus questions

Australopithecus Questions

1. What was so special about Lucy?

2. What was so amazing about the Australopithecus tools, rocks, and sticks?

3. Why couldn't the Australopithecus make fire?

australopithecus answers

Australopithecus Answers

1. Lucy was the first evidence of our first ancestors.

2. They could hunt, fight, and pick crops with theses simple items.

3. They didn’t have the tools to make a single


homo habilis questions

Homo Habilis Questions

1. What does Homo Habilis mean?

2. Why were Homo Habilis given their name by scientists?

3. Name three things Homo Habilis ate.

homo habilis answers

Homo Habilis Answers

1. Homo Habilis means handy man.

2. Scientists named Homo Habilis this because that group is believed to be the first group of Early Humans to use tools.

3. Homo Habilis ate roots, nuts, fruits, raw meat.

homo erectus questions

Homo Erectus Questions

1. Were the Homo Erectus the first to develop fire and

what were the special uses?

2. What were the tactics used to capture their meals and

what were the animals they ate?

3. On which continents were the Homo Erectus located

and how many people were usually in a Homo Erectus


homo erectus answers

Homo Erectus Answers

1. The Homo Erectus were the first to master fire, and

they used fire for many things. One was to capture their

meals. Two was to enable themselves to migrate to colder

countries because the fire kept them warm.

2. Their tactics were to trap animals with fire or a swamp so

they could pelt them and cause internal bleeding then they

die. The other way was to drive them off of a cliff.

3. The Homo Erectus lived in the continent of Africa. Later

they migrated to colder places like Europe, and Asia. The

Homo Erectus usually lived in groups of a little over 100.

neanderthal questions

Neanderthal Questions

1. What were some of Neanderthal’s beliefs about what happens in the afterlife?

2. What advancements in fashion were made by the Neanderthals?

3. Describe the appearance of a typical Neanderthal.

neanderthal answers

Neanderthal Answers

1. Neanderthals believed that when a person died, he or she became a species of animal.

2. Neanderthals didn’t really have fashion, but they did make the first clothing that wasn’t simply draped over the body. To make the clothing, they would puncture holes in the hide and tie the skins together, using animal sinew.

3. Neanderthals were short, stocky, and very muscular. They had a wide brow-ridge, giving them crowned heads.

cro magnon questions

Cro-Magnon Questions

1. Did Cro-Magnon people fish or not? If they

did, what did they use to hunt the fish?

2. How did Cro-Magnon make their clothes and what did they use to sew them together?

3. Did they believe in the afterlife, and if they

did, how did they prepare the dead body?

cro magnon answers

Cro-Magnon Answers

1. They fished with nets and nooses.

2. They made their clothes by sewing stretched leather together with sinew.

3. They prepared for afterlife by keeping tools, food, and needs to survive.

modern humans questions

Modern Humans Questions

1. What does the name Homo Sapien Sapiens mean and does it suit this group?

2. Name one advancement that made religion and

art possible for this group.

3. Did Homo Sapien Sapiens have fire? If so, for what was it used?

modern humans answers

Modern Humans Answers

1. Homo Sapien Sapiens means wise, wise man. It is a

good name for this group because they were the first

to make sophisticated tools, develop complex

religion and art, and develop farming.

2. They didn’t have to travel to hunt and gather

because they developed farming, so they

had more time for other things, such as developing

art and religion. They also had larger brains set for more

advanced thinking.

3. Yes, they had fire. They used it to cook, for warmth,

for light, and for protection.

extra questions

Extra Questions

1. What is the most interesting thing you learned from

this Early Humans project?

2. How did you like working with PowerPoint? When

might you use PowerPoint again? Do you think Ms.

McClure should use PowerPoint with students

again? Why or why not?

extra question answers

Extra Question Answers

Share answers aloud with your tablemates.

early humans final scoring

Early Humans Final Scoring

If you didn’t get any answers wrong, then hooray for you, and you have a score of 100%.

If you did get some answers incorrect, then add up the number you got wrong. Each question is worth five points, so multiply your number wrong by 5. Subtract the product from 100%, and you will have your percent.

93 – 100% = A 73 – 77% = C

90 – 92% = A- 70 -72% = C-

88 – 89% = B+ 68 – 69% = D+

83 – 87% = B 63 – 67% = D

80 – 82% = B- 60 – 62% = D-

78 – 79% = C+ 59% & below = F