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Tuning-aid . By; Christopher Speicher & Matthew A. Haney .

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Tuning aid


By; Christopher Speicher

& Matthew A. Haney

The tuning aid

  • Our product is the tuning-aid. We all have problems with sound. In school it gets too loud; when you want to read you can’t concentrate. When you need to focus on the teacher because you don’t understand something you can tune out the rest of the students. Also at home when you need peace and quiet and can’t get it. The tuning-aid will help you get rid of these problems.

The Tuning-aid


  • The tuning-aid projects electromagnetic sound vibrations that stops other sound vibrations in the air.

  • You have the ability to tune into what you want to hear without getting interrupted by someone or something.

  • You can also make it so that only a few of the vibrations and noise are stopped so everything you hear will sound softer and muffled.

  • Also the tuning-aid can be used in reverse to act like hearing-aid.





  • Need to get the students to focus? Need to get them to stop talking? With an already programmed tuning-aid you can keep the students attention by making them unable to hear the voices of the other kids. You can use them for projects so the students can focus on their group without distractions from the other groups.



  • Parents….. That pretty much sums it up. You have kids. They are loud and noisy. You need to do work or you need to get something done and all you can hear is the constant noise of playing kids. with the tuning-aid you can focus on your work by lowering the volume of everything around you. Just in case you are REALLY needed for something.


Emotional appeal

Emotional Appeal


  • Stereotyping was used in this project by saying that every student in school and all the parents, teens, and siblings in the world are always annoying, loud and don’t pay attention.

  • This as we know is not always the case. Some kids are actually quiet. Just as some parents and siblings some people wouldn’t trade for the world.