the improvers n.
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The improvers!! PowerPoint Presentation
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The improvers!!

The improvers!!

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The improvers!!

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  1. The improvers!!

  2. ourtoday’s job is to strengthen, to form a society that is based on, nondiscrimination, tolerance, justness and solidarity. Political developments in our country should be based on freedom, equality, strengthening rule of law, and ensuring democracy.our country will have the best conditions for business and investment in a competitive environment. Our future is for a knowledge-based society.

  3. IF WE WIN…

  4. 1.our country’s international relationship should become more active and innovative

  5. 2.we will create the best conditions for business and investment

  6. 3.Medicine will be accessible to everyone.: The quality of medical services will be significantly improved thanks to the application of high technology,

  7. 4.We should support healthy lifestyle by developing physical culture and sport

  8. 5.we should save nature, we should make our country green.

  9. 6.We give free education to children of needy families

  10. 7.we will make free media

  11. lets circle together number 6! Dear people We know all the problems which worry every citizen of Georgia. We also know how these problems should be solved. We will do everything to improve the life of the ordinary man and woman as soon as possible, to make our country happy, we will live in a strong democratic country. We will achieve all of these with your confidence and support.



  14. society think that public transport is a waste of public money, so if we win we will reduce price of traveling our country is wealthy with electric current and we are exporter, but the price is one of the highest in regionif we win we will reduce it too .

  15. If we win the main direction of country will industry. Because it can employ many people We want to change imported product with local industry and make people economically independent * at the first we will face-off monopoly, which makes the biggest danger for economic

  16. We will continue developing tourism industry in our country. We think that it helps our citizens to improve their own small business. We will help people to make housing conditions in mountains and at seaside too. From ancient history Georgia was connecting passage of Europe and Asia , but now for unstable condition it lost its historical function. We promise that we’ll return its influence on the region.

  17. European culture is not presented only in economic or politics. it shows us humans dependence on nature .if we want to be plenipotentiary member of European family we must stop this vandal action

  18. We promise that if we win Georgia will be developed, democratic, united, European country Where people feel that they do contribution in the management of democratic system. Where people aren’t demarcated for he’s religion, nationality or for political conception

  19. if you think that we can do…