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Hotel Itemization

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Hotel Itemization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hotel Itemization. Hotel Itemization. Select your hotel expense from your card data or add your hotel expense as a cash item. Hotel Itemization. Complete all initial required fields and click on or . . Hotel Itemization.

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hotel itemization1
Hotel Itemization

Select your hotel expense from your card data or add your hotel expense as a cash item.

hotel itemization2
Hotel Itemization

Complete all initial required fields and click on or . .

hotel itemization3
Hotel Itemization
  • The first screen allows you to place multiple expenses from your hotel folio with one click. Input the number of nights, daily rate, taxes, and up to two reoccurring expenses.
  • Reoccurring expenses are expense types that are charged multiple times on your hotel bill.

Once you input all the initial information, click on Apply.

hotel itemization4
Hotel Itemization

In this example, with one click 81% of the expense has been allocated, showing the remaining amount of 96.56 still needing itemization.

hotel itemization5
Hotel Itemization

Continue your itemization by clicking on the ‘Hotel’ Sub-Expense pull-down and selecting the expenses and amounts for the remaining balance.

hotel itemization7
Hotel Itemization

The system will take you back to the spreadsheet, allowing you to add additional card and/or cash expenses to your report.

hotel itemization8
Hotel Itemization

You’ll notice if you mouse over the hotel expense total, a pop-up will appear displaying your itemization.

hotel itemization9
Hotel Itemization

You can also click on Itemized to see a list view.

hotel itemization10
Hotel Itemization

In the Itemize screen, you can make any necessary revisions.